Setting Up a Video Gaming Room

Setting Up a Video Gaming Room

Setting up a video gaming room is a step up from playing on your bed or a sofa in the lounge. As such, it requires an element of planning. Before you can get started, there are some questions to ponder: who, what, where, when, and why? Let’s take a look at these first. The answers will be as varied as the questionnaires. Next, we consider the parameters that determine the outcome.


Who will include yourself. Does your spouse join you? Do you have friends that come over for gaming nights? This is where the players introduce themselves, and as we noted, there will be a lot of variety.


Will you be playing only video games, or do you still love your PlayStation? And what about the fanatics who have managed to get hold of an old pinball arcade machine or two? Will the gaming room be strictly for gaming, or will younger siblings be allowed in to play a game of Fish or Monopoly? These are good bargaining points if you need to justify why you need a dedicated gaming room.

Another aspect of this question is whether you have the right PC for your gaming needs or are just making do with a normal desktop or laptop instead of equipment designed for gaming. Why not click here and check out your options?


Where do you currently play? Is this sufficient for your needs? Or do you need more space, privacy, and noise control?


When determines whether your gaming space can be shared with other activities that take place at times when you are out with friends, at school or work, or sleeping. However, if your mind is set on a dedicated gaming room, you probably wouldn’t take too kindly to things being rearranged in your absence.  


Why is an interesting question. Do you spend all your spare time gaming? Does it affect other aspects of your life negatively?


Having answered the previous questions should have made it obvious if there is a gap between your current gaming space and the ideal set-up to maximize your enjoyment. Resolving this will dictate the minimum parameters of space that you need for a gaming room.

You may have to negotiate with other members of your household to make this space available to you. Else you may have to rearrange your home to create an area for gaming. If you have an unused attic or basement, you may need to get electricity into this space.


Like space, budget also has a large influence on your options for a gaming room. There are two ways to approach this. The first one is to plan an entire project and do it all at once. This either means that you have adequate funding available or that you can source it from somewhere, e.g., a personal bank loan. Secondly, you can design your ideal gaming room and complete it in stages. You could do this by setting aside enough money every month or using your annual bonus over a few years.  

Planning Your Gaming Room

You will need to make a lot of decisions about what should be included in your gaming room project. For example, do the walls need to be painted? What lighting sets the best gaming mood? Which gaming equipment is essential? Here are 50 ideas for gaming rooms to help you decide.

Here’s to many happy hours of gaming!

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