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How to select the right SEO digital marketing agency firm in Singapore

Eventually, every brand wants online visibility, a vast customer base, higher online sales, and many more. The best way to attain it all is by implementing a well-thought-out SEO strategy. Either the brand decides on the plan by itself, or it invests in an SEO agency. And that’s the most challenging part!

Do you resonate with this? Do you want to choose the best SEO agency from the several options available online? If yes, then you can opt-in for the four points that Google recommends.

Arrange for a two-way interview

The role of SEO is multi-faceted, and its multiple impacts areas of your brand’s marketing communications. Hence, an SEO agency should exhibit genuine interest in your brand. A two-way interview is essential, where you can add questions like:

  • Do you know the target customers and the way they are currently locating you?
  • What is the brand’s unique selling proposition? Can that add value to consumers?
  • What are the tools used for marketing?
  • What is the website goal?
  • Who are the competitors? How are they different from the concerned brand?

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Check out references

When the SEO agency has successfully passed through the initial process, you need to check the SEO agency’s track record. You might request for three clients that they have worked for and whom you can contact. You can get in touch with these three clients and know about their experience. A few things to ask these three clients are:

  • What were the rankings on essential keywords before and after implementing the SEO strategy?
  • Was it pleasant working with the SEO agency?
  • Did the SEO agency provide actionable, helpful suggestions?
  • Did the SEO agency provide good work consistently?
  • Did the SEO agency educate the company and its team about online search? Did the SEO agency provide necessary guidelines on creating content and managing links?

Check out the search and technical audit

When you are at this phase, you have deleted all the SEO agencies who didn’t perform well in the first two selection steps. Hence, now its time for you to look deeper. You might request them to conduct a search and technical audit for your website. And you might have to pay for the same. Also, the process demands a level of trust for allowing the SEO agency/ies to take a close look at your business. Even when you are allowing them to get a close view of your website, make sure you provide them limited access. Big brands, at times, select many SEO agencies for the audits. Hence, knowing where to draw the line is essential. It would be best if you kept in mind the following pointers:

Search audit

During a search audit, the SEO agency assesses the website, its rankings, findings, documents as well as recommendations. It lists down all the problems that are leading to low rank. That gets followed with a list of recommended actions needed to solve the issue at hand. Every issue and recommendations needs to get supported regarding Google’s published documents, such as videos, support threads, articles, and many more. It will help you to see the current suggestions and will generate a favorable influence on the search ranks. It is essential to consider any technical issues that the SEO can discover by communicating with the development team. Also, these problems should get mentioned in the audit.

The search audit also includes a plan for keeping recommendations in place. It comprises of timeline implementation and expenses for every step. The search audit should also provide the best possible outcomes that the brand can anticipate in terms of organic web traffic and search rankings. It should also give an estimated time by which the positive results get expected.

Technical audit

The technical audit is an assessment of the finer details of the website! The SEO will assess the site for internal linking problems, URL parameters, crawlability, functional server connectivity, as well as the response codes. Every issue will get explained and can comprise suggestions for cost, timelines, and solutions.

Also, when you check the audits, ensure that the SEO agency has shared a difference between the suggestions for branded and unbranded search questions. For the branded questions, the searchers will be aware of your brand. Hence, the importance should be on offering them a unique experience with the website in sync with offline and online communication.

However, when you have a generic and unbranded question, suggestions should concentrate on enhancing the website, in terms of the competition. The recommendations for unbranded questions might comprise updating the old content to interest the current users, strengthening the internal linking process, promoting good content on social media, and the like. It also includes concentrating on the strengths that the company has and highlighting the same in smart ways.

The best SEO agency should win

Once you have undergone the last three steps, you will already have one winner! And this name should be of an SEO agency on which you have complete confidence. This company should know all that needs to get done. It should have the capacity to get the tasks accomplished within a specific timeframe and should also charge a reasonable price.

The moment you hire an SEO, it is essential to create a plan of action. That will bring in the differences in business in real-time. You need to ensure that you have the workforce and financial resources for executing the plan. One of the most common hindrance to efficient SEO are those people or clients not willing to work in co-operation with an SEO, for making the required changes.

An expert and SEO agency can add value to your brand and its SEO strategy! It can ensure favorable online ranks and increase brand visibility. With this increased visibility, your brand can thrive and perform better in this dynamic and competitive online domain. With new brands foraying in the market, it’s time that you implement this four-step plan that Google recommends. It will enable you to locate and hire the ideal SEO agency for your business. Also, it will help you to garner out more advanced prospects.

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