Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages

See How Quickly You Can Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Some conversations can be real treasures. At times you are talking to people, be it friends or strangers, you never know what you are going to discover. From finding out people’s secrets, personalities, daily lives to their multiple device Netflix account credentials. Which, obviously, is a great thing. And things like these, no matter what, one wants to preserve for as long as possible. And if you are using Facebook, you know that if you don’t delete them, then they are going to be there.

The company still hasn’t released any kind of announcement that they won’t be kicking away people’s chat, so you can go worry free that your data and chat is going to be on the server. But what about the chats and messages that you have deleted? What can be done about that? Is there a way to recover them? The answer is yes, there are multiple ways in which you can retrieve your precious deleted Facebook messages. Have a look.

Recover Deleted Messages From Facebook

So if you have just deleted messages and not permanently deleted them, then you can recover them directly through Facebook. Here is how.

  1. In your Facebook account, click on settings and then go to General Settings > Your Facebook Information
  2. There, search for the Download Your Information button and then click on it.
  3. It will show you the data that it has, search and select for the one that you need and click on Create File option
  4. Your data will be downloaded from Facebook in a collected form.
  5. Check this downloaded file and you will have a copy of your messages.

Okay, so this was the simplest way to record your data. If you have permanently deleted the chats and messages, then you can try these other methods to recover them.

Retrieving Permanently Deleted Facebook Messages from Messenger

Searching the Archives

There is a strong chance that you may not have permanently deleted the data but have just sent it to archive. So it would be a good idea to have a look there first. And with little luck, you will have all your chats back. To do it, follow these steps.

  1. Open Facebook’s Messenger and click on the search bar
  2. Now search for the conversation that you have deleted and are looking for
  3. When you find the one you were looking for, send that person a new message. By doing so, you will unarchive the entire conversation.

Always remember that once in archive, Facebook only preserves the chats only for a period of 90 days. So if you wish to recover a chat but are procrastinating, you should do it right now before it’s too late.

Recovering from File Explorer

Facebook has designed a method in which you can retrieve the deleted chat without an internet connection too. And this method works on your smartphone. Here is how.

  1. Okay so on your phone, open the app which is used to manage files. Usually it goes by the name of File Explorer.
  2. When you are in there, Open the folder by the name Android
  3. Once there, search for Data Folder and go to Cache > fb_temp

There are backups saved by almost all the applications here. It is kind of like an old store room we have in the house. So you may just find your messages there.

Retrieving via Third Party Application

There are some third-party applications that can also help with the job. If you have already tried the above-mentioned methods then you can try this one. It may just be able to help you. If you are operating Android phones, then this app will do the job.

  1. Install the Stellar Data Recovery app. This program has been specifically designed in order to recover deleted chats, messages and data from Facebook.
  2. Connect your phone with your computer and after you have installed the application on your PC.
  3. Now after the setup is in place and everything ready and running smoothly, launch the application and allow it to scan your computer system. It will start scanning and searching for all the deleted messages and chat. You can also see a quick preview of the messages and select which ones you want to recover.
  4. After you have selected all the messages, chats and data that you want to retrieve, click on Export to recover all your files.
  5. The files will be exported in PDF format which you can access easily.

If you have an iPhone, the same application is also available in Apple store as well for iOS users. So go ahead and have a look.

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