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Appearing long ago, famous and attracted players by simple rules, bringing an extremely interesting experience. Roulette is well known in casinos around the world. Along with the three main variants, Roulette’s betting options are extremely diverse, giving the player an enjoyable experience.

Roulette is a simple game, even beginners can understand the rules and participate. On the wheel there are 37 bags of each bag representing a number, the player chooses the number or group of numbers and after placing a bet waits for the ball to roll into the lucky number. What makes this game so flexible is the odds and payouts for each bet type. Players use chips to place in the box or color they like. And the article below talks about the five types of external bets.

Roulette Betting layout

The layout of the interior consists of squares, each representing a number corresponding to the number on the wheel (0 or 00 to 36). Players will bet a number or group of numbers according to their preference. For example, if the player wants to place a 7, then the chance to win is 1:37 (or 1:38), but this rate is very low, leading to a low chance of winning, but compensating for payments. much higher.

The opposite of an internal bet is an outside bet. Instead of betting on numbers or groups of numbers as in the inside bet, the outside bet will bet on different types, such as red/black, high/low, etc. And players will place bets using the chips purchased at the dealer, These are betting options that are safer than inner bets and are for beginners to play.

Black vs Red Bets

Black vs Red Bets

Each bag is mounted on wheels representing each number, and is also divided into red / black colors, two bags of 0 or 00 will be green. After the player places the chips, if the ball rolls into zero pockets, then all red/black bets are lost.

The boxes are marked with red and black diamonds underneath to help players easily identify and put chips when they want to take bets. Bets on the French variant are all written in French, and in this type of betting it is called “Rouge ou Noir”. One thing to note here, for this bet, it is necessary that the color is not the number.

With the exception of the zero or 00 for the house, the remaining red and black pocket numbers are the same. If the player places $ 10 in the black box and the ball falls in black then the payment received is $ 20 ($ 10 bet and $ 10 win). This is an even payout, or 1: 1).

Odds vs Even Bets

Odds vs Even Bets

If found in the French variant, this bet is called “Pair ou Impair”. Players will guess whether the ball rolls into an odd/even number pocket. Chips will be placed on the odd and odd betting boxes by the players. As far as everyone knows, even numbers will end in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 0. However, the zero in this case if the ball falls will eliminate all odd or even bets.

The parity numbers on the wheel are equal so this is an even bet.

High vs Low Bets

High vs Low Bets

On the wheel in the two variants French and European are 36 numbers, players only need to remember, the first half of the number is low (1 to 18) and the second half is high (19 to 36).

After predicting whether the winning number is in a high or low range, the player places chips into the marked boxes (low box and high box). The result is announced after the ball is rolled in the pocket, the number of low numbers equals the number of high numbers, so the chances of winning or losing are equal. In this kind of betting, French is called “Passe anh Manque”, cash out.

Column Bets

Column Bets

There are 36 numbers in the Roulette wheel, divided into three vertical columns, each corresponding to 12 numbers. Each time a column is placed, the player will cover ⅓ of the number of the numbers on the wheel. Therefore, the winning rate for play is 1: 3, resulting in a higher payout than previous bets. “Colonne” is the French name for this bet type.

The player places chips at the furthest end of the selected column. Payments are public in the boxes at the end of each column.

Dozen Bets

Dozen Bets

This betting is somewhat similar to the column betting, it is divided into three tens, each also 12 numbers, but the numbers are consecutive and each row is separated by a thick median. Chips will be placed one of the three boxes below the rows, and without exception like the other bets, zeros do not count. The payout here is 2 to 1 because every one of the dozens has a half the range on the wheel.

Additional Factors of the Game

Whether it’s the American variant with two zeros or the French and European variant with a zero, the advantage is always on the house.

Instead, there are rules in every variation that diminish the house’s advantage. For example, in the French variant, the rules La Partage and En Prison are in effect when the player has bet and the ball rolls in the zero pocket. Thanks to these rules, the player has a chance to win the bet, and they are applied. more common in traditional casinos, and note that these rules are restricted to online casinos Malaysia.

It is also important to manage the board, players need to master this before participating to avoid damage. The maximum and minimum bet amount will be recorded on a small table on each table. However, for outside betting, in the casino the player has not placed a minimum. But in live casinos, players are allowed to bet a minimum if participating in column and row bets.

Although the winning amount is not much, there is a chance to win, and the bet is easy to understand and easy to play for new players. That makes the attraction of external bets.

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