Retail ergonomics as essential as your inventory

Retail ergonomics as essential as your inventory

Retail workers need your care and compassion, and by missing out on retail ergonomics you’re scripting their downfall

We’re reliant on the retail segment for almost everything. From apparel and groceries to medicines and stationery, there’s hardly anything that doesn’t don the retail shelves. Retailers know it too. And they never take their foot off the accelerator when it comes to revamping their retail outlets. But there’s something that they often overlook – retail ergonomics. What an irony! For the uninitiated ones, retail outlets are exponents of workplace injuries such as slips, twists, and fractures. The retail workers deserve their share of safety, comfort, and mental glee, and that’s why retail ergonomics is as essential as your inventory.

What is retail ergonomics?

According to International Ergonomics Association, “Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data, and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performance.”

So, retail ergonomics implies the implementation of human safety and comfort for retail workers. The idea is to make the environment injury-free and productive. Retail ergonomics also aims at boosting morale, and if applied properly, can pave the way for sustained profitability and less attrition.

What are some examples of retail ergonomics?

Merchandise Handling

This is a prime area of concern at all the retail outlets. Merchandise handling, if gone wrong, can be the major reason for fractures, slips, and twists. Retail employees are required to stack shelves, move in jostled spaces, and bend while lifting and carrying heavy equipment. Here, ergonomic merchandise lifting solutions can come to the rescue.

Wheeled Computer Carts and Shelves

The wheel is probably the game changer in human civilisation. When fitted underneath carts and shelves, it makes mobility of heavy machines and workstations easy at the workplace. Similarly, wheeled shelves are excellent exponents of safe movement of goods across the retail stores. Another fabulous product in this category is the wheeled pedestal that offers the triple function of seating, storage, and movement.

Ergonomic Chairs

Perhaps the most telling of all ergonomic products, the ergonomic chair is an epitome of comfort, security, and productivity. It improves posture, heals back aches, eases mobility (five wheels), adds aesthetic appeal to the workplace, and uplifts morale and productivity. At retail outlets, the ergonomic chair can come in more than handy at the reception counters and billing areas.

Ergonomic Stools

A huge departure from the regular stool, the ergonomic stool is a wobble free seating marvel where there’s no risk of tripping or falling over. It’s base is strong enough to facilitate body stretching, relaxing, and unwinding at while working. The deep seating strengthens the core muscles and fosters excellent lumbar support. What’s more, ergo stools look beautiful and add aesthetic value to the workplace. Retail outlets can provide their employees ergonomic stools in order to relax and unwind during breaks and recess.

Ergonomic Keyboards and Monitor Arms

Retail ergonomics, like all ergonomics, should consider keyboards and monitor arms that allow users to adjust their workstations according to the eye-levels. Ideal for good postures, ergonomic keyboards and monitor arms can do wonders for those retail employees who spend most of their time at the desks. They may include receptionists, cashiers, and accountants. It’s easy to defeat the slouch with ergonomic keyboards and monitor arms.

Ergonomic Footrests

Ergonomic footrests are usually placed under the working desk and infuse smoothness and flexibility in aching feet and toes. Retail outlet owners may consider placing ergonomic footrests in designated relaxation areas. This will be therapeutic for all the retail workers

Sit and Stand Desks

A vintage disposition in workplace ergonomics, a standing desks, sit and stand desk improves posture, strengthens back muscles, and improves productivity. Sit and stand desks can be placed in those areas of retail outlets where sedentary working is prevalent such as the reception, billing, and accounts. Standing desks are coveted by managers as they help demotivated workers spring back into action.


Retail ergonomics is absolutely essential as it provides a safe and secure working environment. Today, it’s the defining factor of a retail outlet’s fortunes.

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