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Remarkable things you should know before traveling to Seattle

Seattle is the northernmost big city in America, northern then Ottawa and Toronto in Canada. It is also among the largest metropolitan areas in the US. The city’s booming economy sparked the growth of the town in the 21st century. Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, and Boing are among multinational companies with Seattle headquarters. But it is also a cultural hub with plenty of art galleries and independent artists with rich cultural heritage that includes vibrant jazz scene and rock legends like Jimy Hendrix, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. Seattle has plenty of cool neighborhoods to explore.

Things to do in Fremont Seattle

Freemont is a must-see part of town with its unique vibe and many attractions. It is a neighborhood across the canal, and it is full of public art displays, cozy little restaurants, and odd shops. From 1990, under the Aurora bridge, there is a Freemont Troll, an 18 feet tall sculpture, and a popular tourist spot.

Visit Gas Work Park, where you can find the Sunday market with a long tradition. Climb on the top of the hill and take a picture of downtown Seattle. From this location, you can see the whole skyline, including the Space Needle.

Seattle hipster

Some find this neighborhood a bit hipster. You can, for instance, take a picture with a statue of Lenin, which is quite odd for the US city. Waiting for the Interurban is a public art statue of people waiting for the rail car for downtown Seattle. You can decorate the figures with clothes or accessories.
Stroll by the Freemont Canal Park in a relaxing green environment by the water. Drink authentic Seattle coffee in one of the small independent cafes like Milstead & Co or Stone Way Café.

Things to do in Capitol Hill Seattle

Capitol Hill is another exciting neighborhood with lots of cultural attractions. It hosts many significant events like Seattle PrideFest or Capitol Hill Block Party. The city is well known for its many parks, and Volunteer Park is a 43.8 acre of green and peaceful land with Victorian-style glass conservatory and the Seattle Asian Art Museum.

The more significant Washington Park has a Japanese Garden in its center. There you can find a beautifully designed park with large granite boulders and Japanese maples. Washington Park Arboretum offers diverse plants from all over the Pacific Rim, with trees from Australia, China, and New Zealand. Go back in time and visit The Crocodile, a club that became famous in the grunge era. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains all performed in their breakthrough years. Now it is a venue for some new bands.

Indoor activities Seattle

Seattle has an influential reading culture, and one of the most famous bookstores is the Ellion Bay book company. A hot beverage and great selection of books make a perfect rainy-day getaway.

If you want something more alive, you could visit the Seattle Aquarium that has an immense diversity of fish, jellyfish, otters, and sea lions. Similarly, Woodland Park Zoo has plenty of indoor areas, but if you bring your umbrella or rain poncho, you might like the outdoor space too. The Zoo offers discounts on rainy days.

Seattle is a home for Pacific Science Center, or if you like coffee, visit Starbucks reserve roastery and tasting room.

Best places to take pictures in Seattle

Seattle is surrounded by water from the inlet of the Pacific Ocean and lakes. The city panorama reveals high mountain ranges on all sides, and the downtown itself has an impressive skyline. If you are looking for a perfect social network picture, start with Kerry Park. From here, you can see the Space Needle, whole skyline, and the water.

If you visit Seattle in summer, go to the most popular and only sandy beach, the Alki beach. Although water will probably be too cold for most, if you are brave enough, you can take a swim, but also get an opposite view on downtown Seattle with Space Needle in the back.

Smith tower is one of the iconic old buildings in downtown Seattle, and it has a 360-degree observation deck. If you want to take a picture of sunset, it is probably the best spot.

Pioneer Square is famous for its street art, and you can take selfies with gorgeous street murals. One of the quirky attractions is the gum wall, where many visitors come to take pictures and or stick a gum.

Whenever you want to visit Seattle, make sure you prepare in time. If you are visiting from Visa Waiver country, make sure you apply for esta for america. You will need to pay a small fee, fill in the form, and confirm the data. If authorities confirm your ESTA travel authorization, you will receive it via email. The permit is valid for two years, and it grants tourists and businesspeople to stay in the US for 90 days or less.


Seattle is undoubtedly one of the US gems with many attractions, vibrant culture, and nightlife scenes. It is also a high starting point for exploration of the Pacific Northwest. Olympia National Park is in close vicinity, but there are many more attractions around the city.

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