Registering an IT Company in India in 6 Steps

Registering an IT Company in India in 6 Steps

Information technology is a dynamic domain. The industry has been consistently expanding across various metro cities in India. Forward-thinking professionals are setting up their IT businesses. Well, if you are an entrepreneur, you might be thinking about how to register an IT company in India. Getting your business started is easy, and the process involves only six steps. However, most of the entrepreneurs prefer collaborating with professional consultants. This helps them to register IT startups seamlessly, keeping the expenses low.

In case you are looking for private limited company registration in Delhi, you might consult the experts. Here are six steps to follow, that would help you to get your new IT company registered in a quick time.

Come up with your business plan

Formulating your business plan defines the first stage of launching your venture. You need to chalk out a detailed description of how you are going to carry out your business. List down all the activities and responsibilities you should be carrying out. Focus on where you would tap the market and the nature of services you would be offering. At the same time, you need to think about turnover, financial aspects, and profitability.

Choosing your business model

This stage involves determining your business structure. Here, you need to assess your position and requirements and choose a particular business model. You might go for a sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, or launch a private or public limited company. At this stage, you also need to decide how many directors you would be having. You also decide on the location and premises of your office.

Naming your company

The third stage is all about choosing a name that would suit your business. In case you are not sure about how to register IT company in India, simply reach out to the consultants. They will guide you in choosing a compelling name for your venture. You also need to register for the trademark. Make sure to come up with something that others cannot imitate easily.

Choosing the location

Well, once you have named your company, work on choosing the most appropriate location. In case you are planning to invest in the IT field, go for Bangalore, Pune, Delhi NCR or any other IT hub. Investors often choose economically booming areas, so that they get better exposure to commercial activities.

The legal procedures

Now, you get started with the legal procedures. In case you need assistance for private limited company registration in Delhi, you should reach out to the reputed consultants. Presently, the process can be carried out online, and you need to fill up certain forms. You also need to formulate the AOA (Articles of Association) and MOA (Memorandum of Association).

Get started with your business

Once your company is registered, you will receive the COI (Certificate of Incorporation) from the Registrar of Companies (ROC). You can now commence with your business from the mentioned date, and your firm would operate as a distinct legal entity.

Getting a new IT company registered is easy. However, if you are not familiar with the process, it would be wise to seek professional assistance from the consultants.

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