Professional Teeth Whitening For The Perfect Smile

Professional Teeth Whitening For The Perfect Smile

Confidence is key when looking to make a name for yourself, to be successful in the public eye, or even wanting to make a good impression, and this can be tough when your smile and teeth are not looking their best. The problem is that too often we think we need lengthy dental procedures that end up costing you an arm and leg to pay for and then end up not being what you wanted. No thank you.

What you want is something that is cost-effective, makes a significant difference, and lasts longer than a few weeks. While it sounds impossible to tick all of the boxes there is a solution that you have been waiting for and that is having your teeth whitened. Not only will you feel like a new version of yourself, but you don’t have to smile with closed lips in photos anymore or cover your mouth with your hand when you laugh.

Let’s look further into the topic and see what the process entails, why it is a good idea, and how to go about getting the ball rolling. Life is too short to walk around not smiling your brightest smile.

The details

So, what does it mean to have your teeth whitened, we have heard of the treatment before, but is it simply brushing more often or getting the dentist to professionally brush your teeth for you? No, as fun as that sounds, but it does involve a trip to the dentist.

Teeth whitening (see a more detailed explanation here ) is essentially a process whereby the dentist bleaches the surface enamel of the teeth to make them appear whiter. While many people may be hesitant knowing that Hydrogen Peroxide is used the process is very safe, you may experience some sensitivity of the tooth or teeth after the treatment but not always.

There are endless reasons as to why people opt to have their teeth made lighter, fewer stains, and the common factor mentioned by all was confidence. When children say that your teeth are yucky or yellow, or that they have black spots (and we all know that children have no filter which can be a good or bad thing at times) we tend to get insecure, yes even as adults. So we do something about it, but some elements lead to the appointment as well, let’s see what some of them are.

Top reasons why we whiten our teeth

Top reasons why we whiten our teeth

  • Discoloration. This is the most obvious and common factor and one which makes an immediate impact on yourself and others.
  • Occasion. Celebrations, special events, or any other occasion we ideally want to look our best, and while clothes and hair are the easy part, we tend to forget about the finer details. A teeth bleaching appointment leading up to the event will help to complete the look you were going for.
  • Interviews. This is a big one, and we have all been there. You’re nervous, anxious about the outcome, but if you can walk in there with a confident smile then half the battle is already won. Chatting to your dentist about it can help, and they can offer sound advice and guidance on which shade would be best suited and leave the best impression.

Finding the right dentist is also an integral part, you want to feel comfortable in the clinic but also have peace of mind that you are in capable hands, if these sound like the qualities you want and expect in a dentist then Farnham Dentistry’s Jacksonville teeth whitening service could be just the answer you have been waiting for. You always want to choose quality over quantity, and when it comes to industry professionals you should look for the best that you can financially afford.

  • Smoking. It may be a habit you just can’t seem to stop but that doesn’t have to affect your teeth appearance. Yes, smoking does significantly discolor your teeth so a regular tooth whitening appointment would be to your advantage.
  • Diet. Our favorites, coffee, wine, and tea all play a part in the discoloration of our teeth over time. While we can’t reverse the process, we can make it look better.

Final thought process

At the end of the day smiling is what makes us feel happy, it is contagious, and can instantly change a mood. There is something magical about pearly whites, they may give off that Hollywood glam look, but executed with teeth whitening comes at a fraction of the cost.

Many people have tried self-remedy options such as Whitening toothpaste, bleaching trays, and even gel strips. Some of these work, others not as much but before trying anything yourself you should consult with your dentist, even more so if you have perhaps only one or two darker teeth you want to fix or lots of fillings and crowns.

You could have adverse reactions to the peroxide, heightened tooth sensitivity, and who wants to think about the more severe effects that could occur over the long-run. If it works sure it could cost less, but more than likely the at-home method is not successful long term and many people end up at the dentist trying to rectify what they tried themselves and inevitably pay more than had they used the dentist (with the expertise in the field less we forget).

As the old saying goes, do it nice or do it twice, let’s not make this mistake.

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