Professional Picture Framing Adelaide vs DIY

Now a days, most of you are into digital photography and clicking pictures on your phones. However, nothing looks better than framing and displaying colored portraits in your house. The reason why framing is very popular choice even now because the portrait does come alive when it is framed. Now, you may have a question should you frame the portrait yourself or seek professional help to do it for you. Both methods have its own pros and cons. Listed below are the points so that you can understand which one works better for you.

Custom Framing

Custom framing is very expensive than the DIY frames. Generally, people choose this option when a picture or a portrait holds special meaning to them. Like the wedding pictures or an heirloom. Most of the professional framers operate on their own. They don’t operate in retail stores. These people generally have a business based from home or they have a hobby to make portraits. There are several advantages that custom frames offer you but it is worth your money and investment. However, before you choose picture framing Adelaide there are certain things you need to check:


The professionals who frames must be trained and should know about the latest tools, techniques and things which they need to avoid. They should have a good perspective about color, proportion, shape and vivid designs which showcases their skills and allows them to give you advice on the kind of framing you might be looking.


The custom framers generally invest in tools which are specially designed to showcase their craftsmanship while working on custom frames. They want to ensure that you would like their work hence the frame is of high quality for each and every portrait they create. They take a lot of time and care when designing the frame of your portrait.

Materials Used

The professional custom framers know where they can get good quality, unique framing materials that people like us won’t have access to ever. These framing materials will keep the photos preserved for years to come and can be passed down as family memories.

Make sure to contact multiple custom framers as every one of them has a different style and even the prices range differs from person to person. You can contact your photographer and check if they can recommend any custom framers.

DIY Framing

Making a frame on your own is the best way to be economical, especially if you are short on funds. There are a few options when it comes to DIY framing. The easiest and economic option is to purchase a frame from the store. These frames are available in camera shops and departmental stores. These frames are available in different color, shapes, sizes and price options. Pick them up according to the size of the portrait. Assemble everything along with the material which you would use for the back of the frame and the glass. Now what you need to do is clean the glass, insert the photo and secure the back of the frame.

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