Preparation for Standard 6 Final Math Exam

Preparation for Standard 6 Final Math Exam

School exams can often be quite frustrating and annoying for common folks but despite that, it forms an important part of the curriculum and is quite integral in the holistic development of a student. Math, on the other hand, can be excruciatingly painful or a piece of cake depending on the interests of a student. As seen from past experience, most teachers tend to set a decent paper for maths that checks their understanding on a deeper level. Before diving into complex stuff, one must be familiar with the fundamentals of mathematics. One such book that delves into the fundamentals of mathematics is NCERT Class 6 Maths Book PDF which is readily available.

Steps to be taken

  • Build a basic understanding of the subject. Practicing a wide variety of problems once in a fortnight is enough to score good marks in the final exam, given that the syllabus isn’t usually that vast and can be covered easily by an average joe. Solve all the exercises from the NCERT textbook in order. Usually, the entire syllabus for the year is covered in the final exam so completing all the questions from NCERT guarantees a decent score.
  • Listening to the teacher in math class is equally important. A teacher mostly covers all the topics that are present in the portion and also, guides the students about the kind of questions appearing in the question paper. Henceforth, paying attention in class could result in a successful performance output for the student.
  • The NCERT textbook is designed by some of the really meticulous professionals and has a brief and detailed explanation of every chapter making it easy for the student to follow. The subject matter is enhanced through the use of visual aid and makes it all the simpler for average students to decipher the text. It is one of the best books for preparing for the final examination.
  • At this tender age, extra-curricular activities are also mandatory. A student must not focus entirely on his final exam marks because these marks are unlikely to affect his career to a large extent. Therefore, a student must follow his passion and inculcate hobbies alongside preparation for the examination.
  • Since most schools have introduced a revised syllabus, mathematics test in the modern day does not only consist of a theoretical paper but is also exclusive of the creative aptitude of the student. The final mark of a student depends upon both of these factors. The creative aptitude of a student might be checked through a project that may or may not include teamwork. Working on the project diligently is as important as preparing for the subjective paper because the teacher appreciates effort and hands out marks on the basis of planning and efficiency. A slight deviation in the marks due to the project may affect a person’s overall standing in the class.
  • Competitive spirit must be maintained while preparing for the final exam. One must learn from their competitors and try to improve themselves accordingly. Healthy competition is advisable but jealousy is a feeling that should be prevented at all costs. A student must make sure not to exclude his peers if he is not as good as the other person because it may lead to a feeling of mutual hatred among people. It may also dishearten a person because for no fault of his, he is being downright discriminated against. Again, a student who may be good at one skill may find it difficult to pursue another skill. It is important that students evaluate the skill sets of their peers and study together for better progress.

The Importance of NCERT in Preparation

  • NCERT is a government authorised book and is henceforth, verified by the top professionals across India. It is readily available on the internet in a case someone finds it difficult to obtain a hard copy of the book.
  • A salient feature of NCERT is the inclusion of summary at the end of every chapter and a list of specific formulas making it easier for students to navigate through the book. Detailed solutions for certain problems are also available specifically to aid the weaker students.
  • NCERT features insights from renowned professionals who have designed the course matter keeping in mind the target group. They have an idea of the behavioural pattern of the student and hence, it is the best source for preparation for the final exams.
  • NCERT consists of a section that has answers to each and every problem in the book making it effortless for the students to cross-check their solutions and also improve them if the answer doesn’t seem to match.

Apart from this, it is essential to devote time to the difficult chapters so that a student does not get stuck on a problem during exam time. Exam temperament is a factor that comes into play while deciding the marks of a person. A student enrolled in standard 6 has just transitioned into a middle-high school student and there’s an evident change in the pattern of the mathematics examination. Till Standard 5, most of the questions were directly from the book but this changes in standard 6. The teacher might ask the students to solve a few tricky questions in the final exam. At this time, a student who is able to keep up with the pace and changing atmosphere is guaranteed to do better when compared to a not so confident kid. Therefore, confidence plays a huge role in deciding a student’s marks.


Concluding this article, a brief overview of steps is already enlisted that might help in increasing the average score of a student. The importance of attempting problems with diligence and putting in effort for the project should also be considered for a better score. NCERT is a valuable book at this stage of student life and not only does it help a student in gaining marks but it also fuels the interest of a student in mathematics pushing them towards a research career later in their lives. All these suggestions should be kept in mind while attempting the exam. 

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