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Points Help You to Taking Admission at Kunming Medical University

1. Kunming Medical University

The Kunming medical university (KMU) was initially started by the name of Donglu University in the year 1933. Many years later the medical school of Donglu University was separated and named Kunming Medical College.

2. A campus of Kunming Medical University

With changing, times and medical college was eventually named as a university in the year 2012 by the Ministry of Education of China. In the Yunnan province, the KMU is one of the largest specialized ones in the region. The campus of the KMU is vast and is spread across an area of around 125 hectares.

3. Departments of Kunming Medical University

There are thousands of medical aspirants who are currently studying in the Kunming Medical University’s many schools and departments. For Indian medical aspirants studying in the KMU is an excellent opportunity as the university has some great and well-known faculties who are from different countries and are successfully teaching students in English.

4. Granted Scholarship

The KMU provides the students with an option and a wonderful opportunity to earn a scholarship by regularly testing the students on several different levels to make sure that the best students get scholarships and also to ensure that there is a sense of healthy competition maintained between students.

5. Research Institutes

There are as many as 5 research institutes in the Kunming medical university (KMU) which are used as a place for many important kinds of research and experiments for the betterment of the field of medicine.

6. Opportunity to Internship in Top Hospitals

For the students who are looking to study in the Kunming medical university (KMU), they always have an opportunity for their internship as they KMU has affiliations with top hospitals that are specialized in many fields.

7. Affiliated Hospitals

Other than the affiliated hospitals the KMU has tie-ups with 9 teaching hospitals and 39 practice hospitals with a total bed capacity of around 10000 beds which is a huge number and gives the students lots of options and chances to deal with many patients and their many different varieties of medical issues.

As China is the most populated country in the world, there is no dearth of availability of patients in the KMU hospitals through which the students get opportunities to learn and treat them.

8. E-Library

The library of the Kunming medical university (KMU) is extremely big with a collection of over 1 lakh books and an e-library through which the students can read many literature and texts online. The Kunming medical university (KMU) has always maintained international cooperation with its partnerships with many institutes and exchange programs organized between the universities.

9. Hostel Facilities

The KMU has excellent hostel facilities and the students are given options to choose between a variety of rooms as per their budget and on a sharing basis with options of rooms with air conditioner and without one.

10. Tasty and Hygienic Food

The mess of the KMU is excellent and serves the students with tasty and hygienic food on a regular basis with many different menu options.

11. Applying for Admission

To study MBBS in China the students must ensure that they fulfill all the requirements which are set up by the universities and do not miss any documents while applying for admission to the university.

12. Contact with a Professional Consultant

It is always suggested to consult a professional consultant while filling the forms as this is a question of the future of students and they might regret it if they are not able to choose the university of their choice because of a silly mistake.

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