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Plenty Of Places To Visit On A Bike In Chandigarh Or Delhi, Time to Explore

Chandigarh is in Punjab, is located close to the Himalayas, i.e. Kashmir. It is a strategic location surrounded by hill stations. This is one of the best places to go on bikes. Taking a bike on rent in Chandigarh is easy. besides, there are many places that you can cover on a bike, and it deserves the limelight.

Places to visit on a bike in Chandigarh 



Parwanoo in Chandigarh is only 35 km that you can reach in 30 minutes. Chandigarh is a planned city and has man-made attractions. This is a horticulture town presenting natural beauty. if you are a person loving processed fruit, fruits, and fruit derivatives, visiting Parwanoo is the best. 

Parwanoo has a few attractions starting as rope-way travel that is 3.6 km long. It passes over gorges and hills. There is Subathu that gives you a chance to see the old Gurkha fort. You can go ahead to see at Pinjore the 12th-century sculptures. There are mountain biking and trekking, for the adventurous types.



Kasauli is another fabulous scenic place that is 24 km from Parwanoo. It is easy to go on a bike on rent in Chandigarh. On reaching the spot you will fall in love with this quiet, peaceful, and pleasant environment that features a mountainous backdrop. 

Visit a Christ Church and you will be dazed by the colonial-era architecture. There is a monkey point and not-to-miss Kasauli sunset point. Biking around these surroundings and nature walking is the most romantic activity that gives you more to enjoy in Kasauli.



Solan is again a 20 km from Kasauli, taking a half an hour to reach on a bike. You can find here mushroom production in plenty. Trekkers are sure to love this place or skip trekking and go on your bike to local divine houses, the Jatoli Shiv Temple, Shoolini Mata Temple, and the Yungdrung Tibetan Monastery. 

New Delhi


New Delhi has the busiest streets and is the fourth largest in size and population. If you are from a less-populated place, do not get affected. Instead, take a bike on rent in Delhi. Taking a rental bike is not a hindrance in this city as you can find numerous places offering bike rental at a good price. They are all over the metropolitan.

This gives you a chance to see that New Delhi has to offer. There are drawbacks to be taken into consideration while biking in such big cities but do not miss out on the more exciting things that this city offers. However, going on an adventure with a bike on rent in Delhi means you have to follow these tips to assure convenience.

  • Plan your day. It is critical when you are on a bike to know which place you wish to explore. Look for easier routes, study the maps and also speak to the locals regarding directions.

Get out during the early hours. The streets are empty and you can get to see this magical city. The streets in New Delhi have transportation in all forms. It means you have to be more careful. Keeping a peripheral view helps you in avoiding colliding with others.

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