Planning To Mount A TV On Your Wall Consider These Things Before You Do

Planning To Mount A TV On Your Wall? Consider These Things Before You Do

Mounting TVs on walls look good for interior decor and viewing purposes, and Brisbane isn’t a stranger to these trends. Not only is it beneficial in saving floor space, but it will also give a better viewing opportunity for the guests. Adding the fact that TV sets get thinner and thinner every year in Australia, finding the right set of mounts for a tv wall mounting in Brisbane may not be a bad idea after all.

Being the third most populated city in the country, Brisbane’s demands for electrical and working appliances are always at an all-time high. Services for their maintenance aren’t an exception either. However, before going through the process, consider some of the things to consider first.

Where Should One Mount The TV?

  • Make sure the room has ample space for the TV to be mounted. It should never feel cramped, and guests should have proper viewing distance depending upon the size of the screen. Always choose a TV following the size of the room, not the TV size itself.
  • Drywalls are best for TV mounts, but any wall that is sturdy enough will do. Although most brands make TV mounts with drywall surfaces in mind, stronger joints might be needed for other surfaces like masonry since many houses in Brisbane use bricks or concrete for walls.
  • Mounting TVs above fireplaces and bathrooms is not ideal, but many homes in the area go through with it anyway. The reason it’s such a controversy is because every piece of equipment should never be near heat or humidity as it messes with the circuits. If a TV is being mounted in such rooms, take additional precautions for their working.
  • Anywhere with easy access to power plugs and cables will be beneficial, as many other devices will follow soon after the TV is mounted.
  • Take care to avoid direct sunlight and cover windows to prevent glare. Curtains can do the trick, and blinds are good for blocking sunlight too.

Things To Take Care Of Before Hand:

  • Always buy the sturdiest joints and anchors for a tv wall mounting in Brisbane, as weight stability is important. Make sure the joints are strong enough to hold a big screen, and be careful about screwing joints over partitions. Walls should be strong enough to take the weight, and measurements should be made according to the common measurement standards used in the country.
  • Find a way to conceal all the clutter of wires and plugs once the set is mounted, as TV cords and other wiring tend to get twisted into a complete mess over time. Grooves in the wall, conduits or other concelebrants can be implemented for this purpose. Panels or cabinets can also be built in such a way to accommodate this feature.
  • Don’t forget the storage part where the kids’ Nintendos, home speakers, and other items must be placed. Since most of this equipment radiates a lot of heat, it is ideal for building a properly ventilated space, preventing any issues from overheating.

Benefits of Mounting TVs on Walls:

  • Safety: Kids and pets tend to knock over devices and equipment from time to time, and it will be a common occurrence. Mounting TVs on walls tends to overcome that problem, keeping kids safe from the TV falling over.
  • Space: Many floor spaces can be saved through wall mounts, and it is recommended for those who don’t want to buy a stand or a cabinet.
  • Get Rid Of Cluttering: More and more Brisbane homeowners embrace the minimalistic look nowadays and consider home decor; it’s a pretty neat way of interior aesthetics. Having built-in cavities and spaces for wires and cables reduces the clutter around the TV set and prevents accidents due to tripping.

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