Who doesn’t want to see a better and more beautiful version of the place they live in? Whether it is their own or acquired on a rental basis, the itch to home improvement is often hard to resist. However, there are some issues that can arise with rental properties that don’t often go in favor of tenants renovating or decorating. As it is not your home, tenants usually can’t alter the appearance of a home drastically or at least without the landlord’s permission. However, outdoor living is something that can easily be altered without changing the structure or foundation of the home permanently. This is why it’s perfect, even if you are living in a rental property.

With furniture items, plants, and accessories like outdoor rugs, you can transform yours outdoors without any objection from the owner. With a bit of creativity, you can craft an amazing outdoor living design in a rental that will have it feeling brand new.

Here are some of our top tips to enhance your rental outdoor living spaces:

  • Summertime is undoubtedly the best time to enjoy your outdoor living to the fullest with ease. Incorporate furniture that is perfect for spending days out in the sun. Having a hammock in your outdoor area is a luxury in summers. However luxurious your own comfy hammock may feel they are super easy to attain and perfect for renters as they can be easily removed from any space or structure. This is easily achievable without making any kind of changes in the existing infrastructure that might offend the owner of the rental you are living in. Source a free-standing hammock in your outdoor space for ease of installation. You can build your own hammock or simply purchase the frame online. There is a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and materials so you can have fun and customise your hammock to your home.
  • Plants, regardless of their sizes and species, are essential for any outdoor living setting. They add beauty, texture, and vibrance to any outdoor area. If you are planning to make your outdoor space more enjoyable and lively then the presence of a variety of plants is necessary. However, if you are reluctant to make any changes to the garden because it is a rental one never fears. There is still a more practical and brilliant way for the addition of plants in your outdoor living area that can be easily removed. Make use of potted plants and place these plants at strategic locations to create an amazing look using color, greenery, and texture.
  • Ensuring privacy in outdoor living spaces is also necessary. It will help make your space feel more cosy, comfortable, and exclusive. However, if you are living on a rental basis, you may be wondering how to make this possible without adding permanent fixtures? There are a variety of easy and affordable ways that don’t require any change in infrastructure, and thus the owner of any rental property should not have any issue regarding this. You can take the help of plants and greenery for this purpose. Hedges will play an effective role in keeping your space private and blocking any unnecessary sight. If potted you can take these hedges with you whenever you need to move somewhere else.

Perhaps the most difficult part of garden design is the imagination. Everything is possible on paper, but what will such a simple block or dash look like in reality…? Gardeners are very good designers for a reason, they learn from practice every day.

A path must be functional, a waste bin is not a pretty sight and small children like to play as close to the terrace as possible, where you can enjoy the sun. There is a technical solution or advice for every wish. The more difficult the garden, the more fun the challenge.