Ordering Cakes Online During the Pandemic Tips to Remembe

Ordering Cakes Online During the Pandemic: Tips to Remember

Sydney developed a love affair with food delivery services during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a report from Zenger, the city’s demand for meal deliveries during the pandemic helped local businesses boom despite the weak economy. Aside from pre-prepared meals, cakes in sydney are also one of the most requested food items among the Sydneysiders. 

Cakes are one of the staple desserts in every Sydney household. But since people are scared of contracting the virus, Sydneysiders opted to buy their cakes online and have them delivered to their homes. Some send them as gifts to their loved ones. However, it is necessary to be sure that you will safely order cakes online from your favourite bakery in the city by following these tips.

Choose Contactless Delivery 

If you decide to order cakes online, you need to go for the contactless delivery options for your safety. By avoiding direct contact with the delivery service provider, you can strictly practice social distancing as required by the government. 

The Australian government’s social distancing policy recommends staying 1.5 meters away from other people. So look for an online bakery or patisserie that follows contactless delivery so the delivery guy can drop off your cake outside your door. You can pay for it through various digital payment methods. 

Get Cakes from Reliable Bakeshops 

To get the best cakes in sydney, you must pick a trustworthy and established online bakery store to feel secure about your transaction. It is not recommended to get your cakes from a store that violates safety criteria during the pandemic. 

Check out the patisserie’s website to check if their operational guidelines ensure that the products are safe and hygienic. They must also increase their efforts to stick to the government’s health and safety protocols during the pandemic. 

Find a Bake Shop That Operates in Limited Capacity

It is always better to order cakes from online bakeries or patisseries which work under a limited capacity. It proves that the establishment is strictly following the social distancing protocols for COVID-safe practices.

The products from the online shop where you plan to order your cake should be handled by fewer staff members. They must also take fewer orders during the lockdowns to ensure the quality of your cake. It means that the product is not exposed to many people, which will decrease the risk of getting infected with the virus significantly.  

Consider Consumer Feedback

Reading reviews from the online bakeshop’s previous clients will allow you to know the taste and quality of the cake. The feedback from their former customers will also let you know if the shop is following safety protocols. It includes checking the body temperature of their delivery staff regularly before sending out their products. 

The feedback will also help you determine if the online bakeshop allows contactless delivery and accepts cashless payments. Most importantly, you will learn how the shop responds to complaints and resolve issues as part of their customer service policies. If they have a good reputation online, you can be assured that the online cake shop can be trusted and worthy of your money.  

Buying cakes in sydney from online portals can be a simple task if you know how to do it properly. All you need is to find the right online bakeshop that can provide delectable cakes despite the ongoing restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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