New Education Policy 2020

New Education Policy 2020 Highpoints: School and Higher Education to See Major Changes

The Union Cabinet has permitted the National New Education Policy 2020. It’s the first education policy of the 21st century and changes the thirty-four-year-old National Policy on Education (NPE), 1986. The verdict of varying the tag of the ministry was thru as per the sanctions registered in the draft on New Education Policy 2020, which recommended it to convey the attention back on education and learning.

The New Education Policy 2020 would as well understand a renovation of the system in place in higher education.

The Administration had started the procedure of framing a New Education Policy 2020 over the discussion method for a comprehensive, hands-on, and all-inclusive method, which takes into deliberation proficient ideas, ground practices, experimental investigation, investor response, along with educations cultured from superlative observes.

Key features of the New Education Policy 2020

School Education

  • New tutorial and curricular erection of school education (5+3+3+4): 3 years in the Anganwadi/pre-school and 12 years in school.
  • For kids of 3 to 6 years: Admission to free, benign, high-value ECCE at Anganwadis /Pre-school/ Balvatika.
  • Initial Education Prospectus for age set of 3-8 separated into two portions:
  • Within age 3-6 in ECCE
  • Former to the age of 5 each teenager resolve moves to a “Foundation Class” or “Balvatika” (that is, earlier Class 1)
  • Age 6 to 8, Ranking 1-2: Initial Period
  • Age 8-11, Ranking 3-5: Opening Phase, play, sighting, and commotion built and collaborative tutorial room education.
  • An age 11-14, Ranking 5-8: Central Phase, practical learning in the mathematics, humanities, social sciences, sciences, and arts.
  • Age 14-18, Ranking 9-12: Minor Stage, multidisciplinary education, superior perilous thoughtful, suppleness, and scholar prime of subjects.
  • Standard of teaching up to ranking 5, and rather till Ranking 8 and elsewhere, would be home-based language/ mother language/ local verbal.
  • Foundation through Mathematics entirely subjects to be existing at 2 stages.
  • School scholars would have 10 bag-fewer days throughout which they are skilled an inclination of their optimal (easy internship)

Board Examinations and School Examinations 

  • School Examinations remain to be whispered only for 3 stages – Classes 3, 5, and 8. The assessment would move to a seminal style that boosts advanced-instruction thoughtful skills, serious thoughtful and theoretical simplicity.
  • Board Examinations to endure but these resolves are considered for all-inclusive expansion. A new countrywide valuation center PAREKH (Performance Assessment, Review, and Analysis of Knowledge for All-inclusive Growth) would be recognized. Board examinations would have fewer rewards.
  • Entirely students would be permissible to take Board Examinations on up to two times throughout any assumed school year, unique key exams, and one for development, if wanted.

Higher Education and College Entry Tests

  • Nationwide Testing Agency would manner a mutual college arrival examination twice a year. This remains to be applied within the 2022 session.
  • Bachelor’s degree remains are of 4 years through withdrawal decisions as trails.
  • Withdrawal after 1 year: Certificate
  • Withdrawal after 2 years: Diploma
  • Mid-term exist outs will be prearranged the choice to finish the degree after a disruption.
  • Bachelor’s programs would be multidisciplinary in the countryside and there would be no unbending parting amongst arts and sciences.
  • Indian arts, tongues, and principles remain to be endorsed at all stages.
  • M.Phil. grade remain is obsolete.
  • By 2040, entirely higher teaching foundations such as IITs resolve to turn out to be multidisciplinary. There would be a superior enclosure of arts and humanities topics for science students and vice-versa.
  • Designated colleges from amongst the top 100 universities in the world resolve are eased to run in India.
  • The system of associated universities would be phased out in 15 years and universities would be prearranged superior self-sufficiency and authority to grant degrees. The considered university position resolve finish.

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