Myths And Facts About Physical Therapy

Myths And Facts About Physical Therapy

Huntington Physical Therapy can be an incredibly effective treatment for various conditions, but some myths about PT persist today.

“Physical therapy is physical. It’s not.” That’s just one of many myths about Physical Therapy Huntington Beach CA that may prevent people from realizing the benefits physical therapists can provide.

Here are five more false notions about physical therapy and why they’re not true

  1. Physical therapy is for athletes or celebrities only. Many celebrities and professional athletes receive therapy because it’s an excellent way to rehabilitate an injury or recover fitness. But physical therapists help everyday folks, too, such as workers who suffer injuries on the job and seniors who want to remain independent and in their homes for as long as possible.
  2. Physical therapy requires you to work out at home. It would help if you did exercises when you see a physical therapist; however, “it’s therapy light,” says physical therapist Amanda L. Smith, owner of PhysioFunction Therapy in North Carolina. “A physical therapist prescribes exercises to do at home, but I guess that you’re probably not doing very many.”
  3. Physical therapists are only concerned with your physical health. A physical therapist also provides mental-health advice because emotional states can influence someone’s physical health. For example, if they don’t sleep well due to stress, they might not recover quickly from an injury. This is why people should talk about their feelings with a physical therapist who has experience in this area and can offer appropriate advice on coping better.
  4. Physical therapy is only for people who are injured. This is a common misconception because physical therapys is often recommended after an injury. However, physical therapys can also be used to prevent injuries from happening in the first place. For example, physical therapists can create customized exercise programs to keep you active and healthy.
  5. You have to go to a physical therapist’s office to receive treatment. Not all physical therapys treatments require you to go to a physical therapist’s office. Some therapies, such as electrical stimulation or ultrasound, can be administered at home with the help of a physical therapist.

It’s also worth mentioning that many physical therapists now offer video consultations so you can still receive treatment even if you’re not able to travel to their office.

One of the primary purposes of therapy is to help people recover from injuries, but physical therapists can also help people who are not injured. Physical therapys can be beneficial for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Here are more myths and facts about physical therapy that you should know

Myth 1

Physical therapys is for older adults. Fact: The youngest person in the world to start therapy was five days old, and the oldest person to begin therapy was 101 years old.

Myth 2

It’s not necessary if you’re in good health. Fact: Many different types of injuries can happen to anyone at any time, like accidents or falls.

Myth 3

Your doctor will tell you when it’s time for PT. Fact: If your doctor tells you that PT isn’t right for you, they’re probably right, but there are other things you can do before reaching out to a specialist like an orthopedic surgeon or neurologist about your condition.

Myth 4

You have to see a physical therapist in person. Fact: Some physical therapists will offer virtual visits, depending on your location and the physical therapy services you need.

Myth 5

Physical therapy is expensive. Fact: Many health insurance plans cover therapy, and if you don’t have insurance, many physical therapists offer a sliding scale fee based on your income.

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