Like any technique, actors employ method acting to become closer to the character they are
portraying. Method Acting helps to comprehend the things your character did, the way they felt,
what they would do and how they would feel in the future.

It is about empathizing with the person you portray so that you can immerse yourselves in the part,
which can be to think about what you’re going to do in the same position or to dream about actual
situations that inspire the behavior. If used correctly, this technique can help you give an
outstanding performance. However, some myths revolve around method acting. Let’s find out what
these myths are.

This article discusses various myths people have about method acting. 

1. If you use method acting technique, you become your character

A lot of people believe that method acting makes you dive deeply into your character and you lose
yourself by becoming your character even after your performance is done. Well, this is in no way is

You’re never going to become anyone else, you are always going to be with your body, thoughts,
mind, face, skin, hair, etc. You can’t turn yourself into another person physically. That’s impossible.
Therefore, no matter what method acting technique you employ, you will not trade lives with your

2. What your character does, you have to experience that in reality

Let’s say your character gets shot, are you going to get shot in reality? No! Method acting is about
feeling how your character would be feeling. You don’t necessarily have to do the things your
character does to use this technique.

Method acting is not, nor was it, to put your life on the line. There are certain elements you haven’t
experienced and thus, you struggle to open up your imagination when you are blocked, which is
okay. That doesn’t mean you have to put yourself in danger to find out what you are going to feel.
Just work with what you have close. It is always about being in control and secure if you decide to
experience anything and enable your imagination to serve you unconsciously.

3. Method acting is dangerous 

Probably that’s the most popular myth. People reject the Method’s strength because they consider
the performers that do it become destructive. This is incorrect, in reality, in the actor’s brain, the
method creates more stability.

The method motivates and helps actors feel comfortable. The method stabilizes and channels
energy productively. People who claim to be ‘method acting,’ and put themselves under emotional
trauma are not true method actors and are doing it the wrong way. 

4. Living as the character 

Some actors prefer to stay focused on the dynamics of their role by participating, in particular, in
conduct that is genuine in the life of the character that the writer described. That is because they’re
creative and they don’t want to spend lengthy times focusing again. Some actors prefer not to do so
and have alternative ways to create momentum and focus on their imagination. Therefore, it
entirely depends on the actors what method they want to use.

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