Live casinos and where to find them

Since its inception in 1996, the online casino industry has grown tremendously over the last two decades. Besides the convenience of playing your favourite game from the comfort of your house, online casinos also give players loads of bonuses when they sign up.

In recent years though, technology has made it possible to combine everything you love about online gambling and the thrill of real-life physical casinos. As a player, you will be given a chair on the table and everything else you need to participate in the game without leaving your home.

What are live casinos?

The first live casino was established in 2003 by Playtech, using popular software called Optical Character Recognition. This software allows you to stay home, log into a live casino and play with other live players in real-time. It is the closest you can get to the experience of a real-life casino in Las Vegas.

With live casino games, you get to watch real dealers interact with the cards, slots and tables via a live stream. You can also talk to them and other players on the table through a microphone and see what they are doing through a web camera. If you have been craving the absorption in the gameplay and the camaraderie of the players — try live casinos.

Live casinos offer all the perks that online casino games do such as convenience and bonuses. Other than this, you also get to enjoy the following:

  • You get to experience the human aspect of live casinos as opposed to a computer generating random numbers. For those who are sceptical about random number generators (RNGs) and believe there is computer rigging, you will get to see a live dealer handling all the cards, tables and even your money. For instance, you can see them shuffling the cards, or you could follow the ball with your eyes to see where it lands
  • You also get to socialise with the fellow players. This can come as an added advantage for all those who like to meet new people and interact with them
  • Live casinos offer real-time customer service. With online casinos, you have to send an email if you have any issues and expect a reply in a day or two. However, with a live casino, your dealer or pit boss can sort your queries out right then and there
  • Perhaps the best thing about online casinos is that you get to experience everything that brick and mortar casinos offer without leaving your house. You can play from anywhere, any time as long as you have steady internet and skills. This means you will save on flight costs, hotel bookings and all the money you would have spent on drinks and tips at the casino
  • If you have ever been to a popular brick and mortar casino, you must have experienced that the background noise of other machines and people can be very exhilarating. Live casinos offer you the same experience to help you get fully submerged in the casino environment

Where to find live casinos?

Live dealer games bring a sense of trust and comfort to players because you get to see the dealer live. However, some live casinos are known to mishandle people’s funds, deny cashouts, and terrible customer service. So how do you find a trustworthy live casino?

  1. Check out review sites. Hundreds of live casinos offer the games you would want to play interactively. The only way to know which ones are good is to go through reviews from other people. Sites like will give you fantastic insights about live and online casino games and feedback from other players
  2. Try out demo options first to assess the functionality of the website. Before you sign up for a game, see if the website’s interface is user-friendly, secure and reliable
  3. Join player forums. As much as review sites give comprehensive information on the best live online casinos, you can get more real-time answers on forums. Join several player forums where you can interact with other players, learn from them and get to know which sites are the best for live casinos

It is still an ‘exhilarating experience’!

Live online casinos offer an exciting experience. However, for you to really enjoy the experience, you have to ensure that you have a fast and stable internet connection and have chosen a great website to play on. Start playing!

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