Substantially Strong

Lipstick Boxes are made of Kraft and Biodegradable Material. Why?

Kraft is a brown organic porous material, which is extensively used for the manufacturing of lipstick boxes. They are easily available to use and are highly eco-friendly because they are extracted from exceptional pine wood material. They have high elasticity and tear resistance, which counts for high strength and durability. Kraft pulping results in low lignin, which is crucial for the manufacturing of long-lasting packaging solutions.

They have revolutionized the packaging industry due to its numerous acknowledged benefits. They can easily be recycled, they are sturdy and brawny enough to provide protection to the products, the pine pulp is used to manufacture high-yielding cartons, and what else do you want? Their sturdiness protects your delicate objects from damage. Lipstick boxes USA utilizes this material in order to keep the lipstick safe from humidity, odor, and damage. Their porous surface takes the credit for ventilating the product from any kind of damages. They make your boxes for lipsticks easy to handle and sell.

Lipstick is a dominant cosmetic item, which no women can live without. Holding this much importance requires a splendid packaging solution. Kraft paper material is the most suitable for the composition of custom printed lipstick boxes. Kraft material not only sustains your lipstick’s brand but also maintains the decorum of the market. It is the center of buzz among all the leading Lipstick boxes wholesale dealers.

Substantially Strong

Resistance is the exceptional feature of kraft paper material. They can endure all types of pressures. To make them more sturdy and strengthened, a corrugated layer is added that protects the product. Kraft made custom display lipstick boxes prevents contamination and hence maintains the quality of the product. Another exceptional feature of kraft is that they are biodegradable and can bear the unfavorable climatic conditions. They prevent the products from intact within the boxes and provide ultimate protection to the boxes.

Beneficial for the Environment

Adopting the eco-friendly way of packaging for your cosmetics, like lipstick boxes USA, can prove beneficial in the long run. Biodegradable material such as kraft greatly reduces the ill effects of business on the environment. This refined approach greatly reduces environmental degradation, energy consumption, and reduces the landfills. Kraft paper material significantly controls a measurable amount of pollution during shipping. Recycling immensely reduces the resources, so the cost.

Attracting and Alluring for the customers

With the technological evolution in the field of designing and printing, countless choices can be opted to adorn the lipstick boxes at its best. They are flexible enough to mold into a range of customizable sizes and shapes. Eye Catching printing on the custom printed lipstick boxes will enhance their appeal among the audience. You may have a glass sheet window on the lid so that customers have a direct visual association with the product. You can use countless finishing options that include foiling, embossing, gloss, matte, spot UV, coating, lamination, debossing, etc.

Availability at Hand

Availability at Hand

Since they are manufactured from natural and organic material, so they are cost effective by all means and are available at hand. This quality makes them discounted lipstick boxes. Whether it is a promotional campaign for brand promotion or customer use, they are available in numerous sizes, shapes, layouts, etc. Irrespective of the nature of the consumption, custom lipstick boxes have always been the most cost effective solution.

Lipsticks have always dominated in the fashion world. Due to their ever-escalating demands, brands are in a constant competition to rule the industry. The custom lipstick packaging is the most acknowledged solution to lead the race. They can easily customize for effective and efficient interaction with the customers. They are easily subjected to personalization; all you need is an ideal designing pattern that wow the customers. Personalization made your lipstick packaging a promoting medium for your brand. Hence kraft material is the best packaging solution for your lipsticks.

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