Learn how to hire a maid by following these 5 steps

Learn how to hire a maid by following these 5 steps

Every woman likes to see her home clean, organized, and well maintained. For that, there are only two options: roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty or hire someone to take care of your sweet home. For those who choose the second option, it is necessary to be attentive to some details that often go unnoticed during hiring the maids in Abu Dhabi.

Someone working inside the house who you don’t know truly is not as simple a task as it seems. Therefore, to assist you in choosing the employee and the type of contract, we will point out some tips and clarify the main issues that involve hiring a maid. Thus, you will be able to choose the best candidate according to your needs. Follow the reading!

Perform a good selection process

The selection process to choose the best employee covers several steps, such as doing the interview, talking better to get to know the candidate’s profile, clarifying expectations, informing about the tasks that will be performed, among other functions.

Know the candidate’s previous experiences

It is important to always appreciate open dialogue with the candidate. In that sense, you should also know what her previous experiences are. After all, a professional who already knows how to carry out the activities brings more security and will provide more satisfaction for your home.

To do this, ask what the maid did in previous services, that is, what tasks she performed (cleaning rooms, ironing clothes, cooking, taking care of children, among others). In this way, you will also know if the professional has mastered the required skills and will have a routine similar to the previous one – a fact that helps to adapt more easily to the new job.

Check skills

Define exactly what skills will be needed to fill the position. This measure helps when selecting candidates and serves as a roadmap to continue the conversation. It is also important to clarify the workload in detail. This helps to become aware of the possible limitations of the candidate for a certain activity.

Talk to former employers

Analyzing the history of the most qualified candidates for the role is also an important precaution. To do this, get in touch and talk to former employers. However, if you hire a full-time maid in Abu Dhabi from Smile Handyy, you stay assured of the experience and skills with a complete background check.

Adopt time control

Time control helps the employer to know about the employee’s entry and exit times. It is a way of providing security for both parties and guaranteeing the employee’s payment in case of any need to prove over time.


The routine full of commitments has made many people look for someone trained in order to assist in the daily tasks of the home. Faced with this scenario, the smartest alternative is to hire a maid. After all, what could be better than having an experienced person who has the ability to efficiently perform the services and help with the care of the home?

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