Latest Arizona Real Estate News and Trends

Latest Arizona Real Estate News and Trends

After the doom and gloom of a pandemic, some people are looking for a little more sunshine.

What better place to get that sunshine than in Arizona, a state known for its bountiful supply of sunshine?

But while you might understand the value of an Arizona lifestyle, it’s harder to sell or buy property when you don’t understand the real estate market.

After all, this understanding is exactly what’s going to perfect your real estate plan. Something that will help you either sell at the price you want or buy your dream property.

So keep reading to understand our projection for Arizona real estate in 2021. Afterward, you’ll understand how to modify your real estate strategy for the best results.


Mortgage rates are projected to remain stable throughout 2021. Not only that, but they’re also at a record low of an average, at 2.75%.

So if you are an aspiring homeowner, you won’t have to worry about mortgage rates this year. Of course, you should always shop around for different lending offers. Doing so will ensure that you get the best offer possible — an even better deal during this refinancing period.

Property Values

Prices will rise for Arizona real estate for sale. Despite low mortgage rates, waiting too long to buy or sell a property can result in undesirable real estate environments.

Sure, sellers that do sell will most likely cash in big. But many buyers won’t be able to afford these inflated prices. That means that sellers will still have less opportunity to sell, leading to a lower amount of sales overall.

For real estate brokers and agents, it may be time to use a multiple listing service. Whether you’re dealing with Arizona commercial real estate or a client’s home, a program like ARMLS provides a consolidated database of all local properties for sale. Among other benefits, your listing can also gain more exposure and provide buyers more options.


Despite homebuyers’ growing demands, inventory will remain low — just like the rest of the countries. This is mostly because of raised property prices. Though this might make your next sale seem murky, it brings both good and bad news.

The bad news is that because inventory is low, there aren’t many opportunities to make a sale. But buyers will feel this struggle, too. This means that whatever listings sellers do have will most likely sell quickly, and at the price most ideal to sellers.

Understand Arizona Real Estate Projections for 2021

While Arizona real estate is characteristically unpredictable, it helps to understand its yearly cast. That way, you’ll be ahead of the real estate game no matter if you’re buying or selling.

If this guide got you looking into real estate companies in Arizona, then check out our other posts! We’ve got plenty of other real estate information to help readers just like you.

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