Know all the Whys, Whats and Hows of the PTE Academic Exam

PTE Academic is not just a regular English Skill test; it also the way to prove your ability to communicate effectively in the English Language that lands you abroad either for studies or settling down.

Thousands of PTE Aspirants take the exam with the hope of scoring well in the exam and easily securing their place in one of the universities or settling in their favorite country. But a lot of them fail to clear the PTE Academic exam or to achieve their desired score.

And it is not that they are incapable of doing so; it is also not that the practice or preparation was not enough. It was. But not with the best suitable and informative practice materials and a proper plan.To clear the PTE Exam with the desired PTE Academic score, you need to know all about it. 

Why PTE? 

PTE stands for the Pearson Test of English, which tests your enabling and communicative skills.

There are many reasons why the PTE Aspirants opt for this test: 

  • PTE Exam is scored based on Artificial Intelligence with several recorded answers.
  • As the PTE Exam is entirely a computer-based test, it is unbiased.
  • The test results for the PTE Exam are delivered faster.
  • You can appear for the test in any of the 295 centers in more than 50 countries.
  • You can book the test as early as 48 hours before the exam.
  • Many universities accept it all over the world, and you can apply for the migration to the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Test dates are very often.

All these reasons make the PTE Exam one of the most convenient and easy English skill tests.

What is the PTE Exam?

The PTE exam is divided into four different sections Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening divided amongst 20 various tasks. The tasks assess your grammatical, pronunciation, spelling, collocation skills. It is a 3-hour long exam; you can apply online and choose the centre and the exam date according to your convenience. All the questions are based on real-life academic and general questions. The questions asked in one section carry partial and full credit to a particular section. You are scored with 10-90 points for the exam.

Speaking Section

This section has five different tasks, read aloud, repeat sentences, describe image, re-tell lectures, and answer short questions. You can complete this section in 35-40 minutes. Tasks in this section contribute to speaking, listening, and reading sections.
(This section starts with a personal introduction which doesn’t carry any marks).

Writing Section

This section has only two tasks Summarize written text and writing an essay. You can complete these two tasks in 30 minutes. These two tasks asked in this section contribute to the Reading and writing section.

Reading Section

This section has 5 different tasks, Multiple choice-choose single answers, Multiple choice-choose multiple answers, Reorder Paragraphs, Reading fill in the blanks and Reading and writing fill in the blanks. All these tasks contribute mainly to the reading section except the Reading and writing fill in the blanks, which contributes to the writing section as well.

You get an optional 10-minutes break before the listening section. Experts recommend you to take this break to refresh yourselves.

Listening Section

This section is the lengthiest and trickiest section with 8 tasks. It includes summarize spoken text; Multiple-choice choose a single answer, Multiple choice-choose multiple answers, Fill in the blanks, Highlight Correct Summary, Select Missing words, Highlight incorrect words, and Write from dictation. Tasks in this section contribute to the Reading, Writing, and Listening Section.

How to Prepare for the PTE Exam?

Different ways can help you prepare for the pte exam like:

Preparation with the Practice Materials

A PTE Academic aspirant should choose the practice materials wisely as there is a lot of unauthentic practice materials over the internet. Experts suggest it take from the platforms that provide you with highly informative practice materials by the experts.

Practicing with the Mock tests, Scored tests and Unscored Tests

You should always keep practicing for the PTE Exam until you appear for the test. You can practice with the PTE mock tests, scored and unscored tests as they make you familiar with the exam type questions.

Practising with the Experts

You can opt for a professional platform that allows you to learn from the experts that provide you with tips & strategies for the 20 tasks asked in the PTE Exam. The experts also guide you from step to step to help you achieve your desired PTE Score.

Opt for Correction Service

You can opt for the correction service provided by the experts that give you detailed assessments after evaluating you as per the PTE Standards.

Preparing with additional platforms

Many platforms provide you with other options to prepare apart from online coaching like a mobile app, YouTube channel, and platforms like Telegram to connect with the other test-takers.


After you have learnt what is the PTE Exam and why people opt for it along with the ways to prepare for the PTE exam, you must now be looking for a platform that fits right in your requirement list. Well, you can opt for PTE Tutorials that allows you to join the flexible online coaching classes, and provides you with a comprehensive mobile app to learn with and also allows you to join the PTE Aspirants community with the PTE Tutorials Telegram Group.

When the blueprint is ready; taking the first step is the only thing remaining. Take that step by joining PTE Tutorials.

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