Why is a kid’s eye test important?

We live in a digital world and we must know about the disadvantages of the digital devices available around us. For example, working in front of a computer can create some health issue and you can suffer from eye problems, neck, shoulder stress, and back pain. Similarly, your kids can also get affected by such devices and they can suffer from eye problems too.

Visual perception is important for a child’s overall development and one should not neglect it at all in the first 12 years of his/her life. It is a parent’s responsibility to keep their eyes safe by consulting an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Kids eye test is very important because you child can get clear vision for reading, writing, and learning.

 What are the advantages of kid’s eye test?

Nowadays, kids are fascinated about computer and mobile games and these activities can damage their vision. They can even suffer from myopia, which might restrict them from using their full potential. Their learning abilities will also be restricted. You can solve such problems by consulting an eye doctor and you must go for kid’s eye test melbourne once in a year. If your children have some vision problems then you need to visit the doctor’s chamber more frequently.

Kids Eye Test
  • Do you know that one in five children suffer from undetected eye problem? You need to go for the kid’s eye test before they enter the school and you must add this eye examination in your school checklist. Eye examinations on regular basis not only keep your child healthy, but it can also detect the any future issues your child may have. Changes in their vision can be detected at the right time and doctor can easily save their eyes from major problems.

  • You must know about the common eye problems and you should identify the signs and symptoms of poor vision in children. If you find anything wrong in your children and if they face any vision problems while they are reading or writing then you must consult a doctor immediately. Poor vision problems can affect their performance at school and they can even fail in their examination. Do not scold them without knowing the reason and try to identify their problems.
  • With regular kid’s eye test, your child will get excellent visual acuity for all distance, and he or she can concentrate on the study more preciously. If your child has any vision problem then he or she cannot participate into a sport or get involved in extra-curricular activities. If you want to give them proper training then you must go for the kid’s eye test melbourne on regular interval.             

Common kid’s eye tests for preschool-age children

Some parents think that their preschool-age children do not need any eye examination and doctor consultation because they cannot describe their problems properly. But, there are few kid’s eye tests available that can detect the problems of your preschool-age child. 

  • LEA symbols: A doctor can use some symbols like an apple, house, car, and square, and circle to examine your kid’s eye. On the contrary, regular eye tests use letters and charts. However, your child would not be able to describe such letters and charts. Therefore, doctors use such symbols for their eye examination. 
  • Retinoscopy: This is a specialised eye test where doctor can use a light to measure the reflex action. Doctor can use a light into the eye of your children to observe the reflection from the back of the retina and then he or she can prescribe eye glasses, if needed. 

  • Random dot stereopis: Doctor can use some 3D glasses and special patterns of dots to observe the activity of your child. 

Children should go for eye examination at least every two years and if your child has eyeglasses or contact lenses then you must consult the doctor every year. Make sure, you must consult an optometrist or ophthalmologist who is specialized in this area. You can check their experience, qualification, and reviews online.