Key Things to Know About Planning Permission Consultants

Key Things to Know About Planning Permission Consultants

When you build certain structures, the law may require you to obtain approval first to ensure they adhere to building regulations. Planning permission must be obtained from your local authority. Perhaps you are wondering what could happen if you do not apply and get building regulations approval prior to starting construction of or completing your project. The consequences are dire because the local authority will subject you to enforcement action and possibly order you to demolish your structure and hold you responsible for a number of charges and costs.

You should know that planning permission is a very complex area for non-professionals to understand, mainly due to the constantly changing nature of the legislation. Therefore, project owners should consider working with planning permission consultants, who are well versed with applicable regulations to help them obtain permission for complex projects.

The Essence of Hiring Planning Permission Consultants

What if you have a good grasp of the regulations? Do you still need to hire planning permission consultants? The reality of the matter is that even if you can comprehend and interpret complex rules, the process of securing permission goes beyond the mere technicalities of applying. It would be of great benefit to have professional help to manoeuvre through the complex politics of planning, including issues to do with obligations, charges, officers, committees, appeals, etc. When you work with planning permission consultants, you can be sure all will go well because they have the needed expertise needed over the entire process and use their experience accumulated over many years and different projects.

Instances when you need to Use Planning Permission Consultants

Hiring planning permission consultants is a good idea and offers lots of benefits in your project implementation. Nevertheless, there are some instances where it is more necessary than others to hire professionals. Below are some of the cases in which you should hire permission consultants:

If getting permissions can be a challenge

You need to seek the services of permission consultants in situations where obtaining approval for your project will be a challenge, more so where there is a need to correctly interpret complex local development plans and planning policy. In such cases, you stand to gain by having the process flow smoothly when you have an expert, and you will have peace of mind and crucial reassurance.

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At the initial stages of a project

As you arrange various things regarding your project, it would be best to include planning permission consultants at the very beginning of the work. This is because most of the time when permission is not granted the first time, its chances of getting approved later are significantly reduced.

Another thing worth noting is that working with architects only to handle the application process has some drawbacks. That said, it would undoubtedly be the best approach to consult your architect if the permission process is facing problems because of design issues. But do not assume that you can rely on your architect to get through complex cases.

Where you need to assess the viability of a site

Furthermore, if you are considering a potential location for a project as a developer, you need to consult permission consultants to assess the viability of that site. Proper assessment of the suitability of places for projects is referred to as a feasibility study. The importance of using a consultant for this to have them assess the potential for success in relation to the local and national planning policies cannot be understated.

Various Functions Permissions Consultants Perform

Planning permission consultants can help project owners with the following types of work:

  • Applying for permission
  • Appealing against rejected applications
  • Conducting impact and feasibility studies
  • Conducting research
  • Doing rural and urban design


If you have a building project, hiring planning permission consultants can help you negotiate the complex approval application process. The professionals also offer other vital services such as feasibility studies and impact studies for potential sites. Working with them on your project will save you costs, speed up its implementation and deliver an excellent product.

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