Keep Track of Time During Your Adventures With A Rolex Watch

If you are looking for a watch to accompany you during your adventures, Rolex is a brand you should consider. It is the first luxury watch to have a water-resistant feature, a vital requirement for an adventure watch. Whether you want to explore the deep sea or climb the highest peak in a freezing environment, your Rolex watch will be a reliable companion. Rolex started its journey in London and moved to Switzerland to be at the center of watchmaking excellence. The materials used in their watches are both durable and stylish. Keep on reading to know more about this iconic brand!

History of Rolex Brand

Hence, if you are planning to buy Rolex watches for yourself, then read on to learn more about the history of this quality timepiece. It all started in the year 1905 in London, when a 24-year-old, Hans Wilsdorf, founded a company that distributes timepieces. His goal was to create a wristwatch that is both reliable and elegant. He started to offer a wristwatch made in Bienne, Switzerland. It was in 1908 that he came up with the brand name Rolex. In 1919 the company moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland is the country recognized as the leader of watchmaking in the world. The next year it was legally registered in Geneva under the name Montres Rolex S.A. 

The company made history in 1926 when they created the first wristwatch with a waterproof and dustproof feature. They named it oyster, and they sealed the critical parts to ensure protection. They tested the capacity of the Rolex Oyster in 1927. Mercedes Gleitze, a young swimmer, wore the timepiece and went swimming for 10 hours across the English Channel. The watch remained working after the event. In 1931 the Rolex created the Perpetual Movement. 

Until today it is present in every automatic watch. Malcolm Campbell, the fastest driver in the world, wore a Rolex watch while setting 485 kilometers per hour in 1935. He started to appreciate the Rolex watches’ capacity. DatRolex first introduced Datejust 1945. Rolex has the first Datejust in a self-winding watch. Before, it was only available on men’s watch, and gradually they made the feature available in women’s. Years between 1953 and 1967 became a time of introducing Rolex watches’ new lines intended for different adventures. Since then, Rolex continues to push the boundaries of what a luxury watch can do.

Rolex Watches for Your Type of Adventure

Sea-Dweller. The watches in this collection can withstand the pressure in deep seawater. The models are waterproof for up to 1,220 meters deep. The first model released in 1967 has 3,900 meters waterproof capacity. The watch dial is 43mm with Oystersteel and gold. It has a 60-minute rotating bezel to help divers monitor their dive. It has Chromalight markers and a luminescent hand for the dark undersea.

GMT-Master II. These watches show two separate time zones at once. Models are available in four different materials, and some are combinations of two. Oystersteel, white gold, a variety of Oystersteel and Everose gold, and Everose gold alone, the collection has four different designs. The GMT-Master II has a Caliber 3285 movement. It is shock-resistant and has 70 hours of power reserve.


The Sky-Dweller watches material is 18 ct gold and has a 42 mm dial. The watches in this collection can also show two different time zones at the same time. It has a 24-hour format and features an annual calendar. The watch hands and hour markers have luminescent materials that give a blue glow. The watch can stay underwater up to 300 meters deep.


This collection is for those who love sailing. It has a regatta chronograph for yacht sailing competitions. The watches of this collection have a different marine design. It comes in 37, 40, and 42 mm case size. It also has a rotatable 60-minute bezel made of 950 platinum, and the case and bracelet material are durable Oystersteel.

Explorer. This collection is for harsh weather and the environment. it suits mountaineering and caving adventures. It has a 24-hour format, Oystersteel materials, and a twin lock winding crown. He is waterproof up to 100 meters. It has caliber 3132 movements that can withstand extreme temperature and shock-resistant.

Shop a Rolex Watch Online

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In Conclusion

Rolex is a big name in the watch industry. You can wear their watches for different sports and adventures. Their watches are not only durable, but it is also stylish and has rugged designs. Choose the right Rolex for your next experience.

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