Is Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling Here's What You Should Consider

Is Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling? Here’s What You Should Consider

Your air conditioner doesn’t cool your room correctly but blows hot air. It can swelter during the summer when this happens. Many factors can make the air conditioner malfunction. Here are 14 reasons your AC won’t cool your room and what steps you must take.

1. Contaminated air filter

It is most likely that your split or window air conditioner does not cool because the air filters are dirty. Dust and dirt build-up in the AC filter can cause various problems. The thermostat may malfunction, and clean air cannot pass through ducts because of dirt in air conditioning filters.

There is also a possibility that the evaporator coil has frozen, which stops the outlet from releasing cool air. A professional air conditioner repair service is needed if you’re sure that your filter is clogged.

2. The coil on the Evaporator is dirty

The evaporator coil’s surface and fins cool the air in your air conditioning system.

Dirt and grime on your evaporator coil can reduce the cooling efficiency.

It is difficult for the coils to cool the air to the desired temperature when the dirt is between the air and the coils. Because of this, your air conditioner blows air much warmer than it should be.

3. Condenser (outside unit) is blocked

The process of condensation cools the heat. The air conditioner will not function correctly if the condenser is clogged or debris and rust block the condenser from cooling.

Are you having problems with your air conditioner? Remove weeds and dirt surrounding the condenser so that it can breathe. You can now save money on maintenance or repair with professional air conditioner repair Costa Mesa.

4. Refrigerant levels are too low

Your AC system will struggle to cool your home’s air if it is low on refrigerant, also called freon.

Your AC may leak coolant if you hear a mocking or fizzy sound.

This could result from a refrigerant leak or an insufficient refrigerant charge.

Recharging freon won’t solve a refrigerant leak, only temporarily fix it.

Start looking for air conditioner repair Costa Mesa technicians, as they will diagnose the problem and identify any leaks. Besides, recharge your system with a precise quantity of coolant.

5. An electrical circuit breaker tripped

Make sure your AC unit does not trip the circuit breaker. Breakers may be reset, but they must not be turned back on if they stumble again. This can damage your AC.

Call an electrician first if the problem is electrical.

6. Failing or faulty AC capacitors

If your outdoor fan is running, your AC capacitor may be the problem, but your compressor isn’t. These capacitors act as batteries, and compressors and fans run on them.

The compressor will not work properly if the capacitor is malfunctioning. Does your AC unit make clicking noises? These are symptoms of a failing AC capacitor. Your capacitor will fail when its motor cannot turn on, and instead, it will make noise.

You should turn off your AC right away if the motor has burned out. This fix should be left to a professional air conditioner repair Costa Mesa technician since replacing a capacitor may be dangerous

7. Thermostats set incorrectly

Ensure that your thermostat is set correctly as well.

You need to set your thermostat to “COOL” instead of “HEAT.”

You should also check your fan’s settings.

Set to “ON”

Air will circulate throughout your home if your thermostat is set to “ON”.

As a result, you may feel that the air coming from your air vents is identical to the air in your house.

In “Auto” mode

Only if you have your thermostat set to “AUTO” will your fan turn on. As soon as the procedure is finished, turn off your fan again.

8. Leaking air ducts

Air ducts are responsible for distributing cool air throughout your house. If it is damaged, your ductwork may leak air, interfering with air distribution.

Your home usually has hot and cold spots if you have an issue with your ductwork.

You should call professional air conditioner repair Costa Mesa if you find duct leaks. If you’re not careful, things can get worse.

9. Undersized air conditioner

Suppose your air conditioner runs during the summer. In that case, it may not reach and maintain the set temperature, valid for small air conditioner units.  

A continuously running air conditioner will raise your energy bills significantly. You’ll wear out your equipment more quickly whenever your air conditioner is malfunctioning. You need to start looking for an air conditioner repair Costa Mesa professional to fix the problem.

10. A thermostat that is defective or broken

If your thermostat isn’t working, it can cause your air conditioning system problems.

If your thermostat’s display is blank, please check the batteries.

It is possible that your thermostat and air conditioner are malfunctioning. Make sure the AC unit has power first.

11. AC compressor that is faulty or failing

The AC compressor compresses and raises the temperature of the refrigerant, then moves it to the outdoor coils. This process allows your home to release heat outside. AC system problems involving the compressor are the most common ones misdiagnosed. Many factors can cause AC compressor failure, making it tricky to diagnose.

If you believe this may be the problem you are having, seek out help by looking for air conditioner repair Costa Mesa technicians for all repairs.

12. Breakdown of the fan motor

Especially if you do not maintain your AC system, fan motors are susceptible to wear and tear. Buzzing sounds coming from your fan are often caused by a broken or failing motor.

The problem could be with the capacitor powering the motor and not itself. It’s imperative to call a professional air conditioning repair Costa Mesa technician to diagnose the issue.

13. Problem with drainage

Dust, algae, and dirt can cause clogs in the pipes. A lack of proper drainage can cause mold, fungus, and mildew to grow. Gasses and odors can also be collected in your house.

Regularly inspect, clean, and maintain your drain line to avoid this. Mounting an air conditioner too high or too low will affect drainage.

14. Installation errors

A brand-new air conditioner blowing warm air is frustrating.

Your house is still warm despite spending a considerable amount of money.

There may be a problem with the way your unit was installed. It’s possible they made a mistake or too failed to install the unit properly.

Check to make sure no leaks are present in the unit.

Calling a professional air conditioning repair Costa Mesa service will allow you to get the unit reinstalled for free.

Your home’s size may affect how large or small of a unit you choose.

For instance, if you have recently remodeled your home, you might need a larger AC unit, and a small unit can also make things difficult. 

Hire a professional to ensure that your air conditioner runs efficiently year-round. What is the right frequency for needing your air conditioning installed? In order to maintain your air conditioner effectively, it should be serviced every three months. Your home’s HVAC system will not perform efficiently and cost you more energy bills.

Keep the air conditioner well maintained to avoid costly repairs.

The bottom line

Looking for air conditioner repair Costa Mesa is an excellent choice when you prefer to restore the experts.

Repair experts provide fast, efficient service to restore your home’s comfort.

When your air conditioner fails to cool your home, don’t delay calling for professional air conditioner repair Costa Mesa.

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