Is Windows Defender the Best Antivirus Available

Is Windows Defender the Best Antivirus Available?

When it is about picking up a security system for your computer or laptop, no one would want something that is not embedded with great features. Only Windows 7 users knew how they were always prompted to install an antivirus. After the introduction of the 8th version of its operating system, Windows has started providing its built-in free antivirus known as Windows Defender. But most of the users have been left wondering Is Windows Defender Good Enough? This has to be answered to know if you should switch to some other antivirus program or keep using Windows Defender.

Read on to find Is Windows Defender a Good Antivirus.

What is the Best Antivirus?

Before answering this let’s know what features Windows Defender provides so that you can easily decide whether to continue using it or move to a better option.

The major highlight of this in-built tool provided by Windows Defender is that it never slows down your PC, unlike other third-party tools. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the subscription and the program is easy to use.

The tool automatically scans all the programs that you download on your device and even gets the new versions installed from Windows Update. Along with this, it even performs thorough scans and the interface makes it easier to handle that you may not get with other viruses. The previous version of Windows Defender wasn’t that great but the latest update got everything sorted and came as a strong competitor. It offers better protection and can be used easily without overburdening your device.

So you can definitely use Windows Defender for your everyday security requirements but that’s not it, you can make it even better.

Is Windows Defender Good Enough?

No it’s not, you need to bundle it with some other program as well to ensure the best and maximum protection for your device. There is no need to doubt how good is Windows Defender but still, something can be done to add an extra layer of protection.

These days the technology is no longer the same and even the hackers have turned more intelligent. So in some cases Windows Defender may not be able to win the fight alone. This traditional antivirus may not be fully effective in fighting off Ransomware, zero-day attacks, and other malware.
Pairing Windows Defender with good Malwarebytes will surely help in dealing with all the malware outbreaks and they provide excellent protection with the help of their anti-exploit system.

So when you install Windows 10, you have already protected your device. However, that’s just not enough for your system and to be a step ahead, layer up your device with a good anti-malware program. This will ensure the safety of your device with the biggest threats that are making the rounds on the internet these days.

If you ask directly yes or no, I would say Windows Defender is good enough only when coupled with a good antivirus program. So you can look up on the internet for good Malwarebytes to combine with the antivirus that you use and stay stress-free about the protection of your device.

Wrap Up

So now you must have got clarity about the Windows Defender antivirus whether to use it for your device or not. Clearly, it is a good tool to provide security from the various threats but still, that will not be enough when every other day a virus is introduced.

In case you need more information about Windows Defender or which antivirus you should choose for your system, you can visit the website

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