Is It Okay To Consume Protein Supplements If You Are Not Into Fitness

Is It Okay To Consume Protein Supplements If You Are Not Into Fitness

When it comes to protein supplementation, most people believe that it must only be used by people who have a physically demanding and active lifestyle. The role of a supplement is bridging any nutritional gap in your diet. So, even if you are not into fitness but do not get adequate protein through your regular diet, it is okay to consume protein supplements. But, you need to choose a suitable variety, like a vegetarian protein powder, to make sure that it does not stress out your digestive system.

The Protein Content

Different types of protein supplements are formulated to suit the requirements of the user. They vary in their protein sources and protein content. Individuals who work out rigorously need more protein to support muscle recovery and growth. On the other hand, if you lead a more sedentary lifestyle and are not into fitness, your requirement is lesser. On average, you need about 1g of protein for every kilo of body weight.

In case you do not have enough protein sources in your diet to meet your daily intake requirements, you can use a supplement. Choose a product that contains about 10-20g of protein in each serving. It is also advisable to opt for vegetarian protein powders as they are easier to digest when compared to popular options like whey protein.

Who Should Use Protein Supplements 

Besides individuals who have an active lifestyle, there are many others who need a good protein supplement to improve their diet:

  • Those who follow a vegetarian/vegan diet: While there are several vegetarian protein sources, they are harder to include in your diet. This is because the concentration of protein in every serving is lesser in comparison to animal-based proteins. This means that you need to plan your meals and eat larger quantities of these foods to fulfil your required daily intake. In that case, a protein supplement is necessary to make sure that you do not suffer from any nutritional deficiencies.
  • Individuals with a protein deficiency: If you already suffer from protein deficiency, you will be advised to consume a supplement to help balance the levels of protein in your body. However, if you have a deficiency, make sure you visit the doctor to understand what product is best for you.
  • Those who are trying to lose weight: Protein sources like meat and eggs are high in calories. There are lean meats that you can include in your diet. However, if you have any food-related allergies like seafood allergies, your options become limited. In that case, a protein powder is a great supplement to include in your diet. Not only does it help you reach your daily required protein intake, but you also get additional advantages to support your weight loss plan. Adequate protein intake keeps your metabolism high. Protein supplements like bGreen 100% Vegan Protein Powder also keep you feeling fuller for longer, allowing you to easily follow your weight loss diet.


Even if you are not into fitness, it is excellent to consume a protein powder, provided you choose the right one for your body type and lifestyle. Starter proteins or vegetarian proteins are the best choices for you as they contain lower amounts of this nutrient.

However, it is essential to remember that protein powders are only supplements and not a replacement for natural sources. Try to include fresh foods that are rich in proteins and consume a balanced diet. This will help you get the maximum benefits of including a good protein supplement in your diet.

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