Is It Easy To Maintain Permeable Paving

Is It Easy To Maintain Permeable Paving? How To Do So?

Permeable pavements are suitable for driveways and public paths. It has replaced the asphalt layers due to few beneficial factors. One of the essential factors is the ease to maintain the pavements in large public areas. Though it is easy to maintain, it becomes necessary to keep it clean all around the year. With the changes in seasons, the way of cleaning can differ from season to season.

A few of the ways that can help in keeping the permeable paving  clean are as follows

  • Pressure washes: Washing the pavements using high-pressure water can remove the blockages that may accumulate in the pores. It is one of the easiest ways to maintain cleanliness and clear the pores from blockages.
  • Repairing of the pavements: On regular movements of foot traffic and cars in the public areas or residential complex may cause damages to the pavements. To avoid further damages, repairing can help in maintaining the rest of the pavement tiles throughout the year.
  • Use Vacuum sweeper: Vacuum sweepers can be one of the best techniques to keep the pores clean from blockages. It can be done twice a year, especially after and before the flow of rainwater. It is mostly used in commercial car parking lots.
  • Regular sweeping: Regular sweeping keeps the dried leaves, dust, and dirt to be less collecting on the permeable paving. It can help in reducing the accumulation of dust and dirt. It will keep the area clean with less hard work for maintenance.
  • Remove the snow: Snowfall when excessive should be cleared off with a rubber tip shovel or plow. So, that should be about one inch from the ground or the pavement. The rest of the ice will melt off and drain away through the permeable pores.
  • Benefits of the permeable paving: The requirements of the permeable pavements are increasing as it ensures many benefits, specifically in the waste systems and parking lots. These are durable and have aesthetical features. It is preferable for easy access to drainage water and keeps the surface clean and dry.
  • Easy to install: The permeable paving has one of the easy installation processes. The installation should be done after cleaning the base. It is for free from dirt and dust before the layout of tiles. The base filling is with concrete or asphalt layer. The permeable pavements are laid above the prepared base. It is used in heavy traffic driveways as the joints make it flexible ad durable.
  • Low cost: The cost of the permeable pavements is affordable and low in costs. It is affordable compared to the other pavements such as asphalt, or concrete pavements. The cost of the maintenance and installation is less compared to the other pavement methods. It is relative to labor charges and material charges.
  • Best for lawn parking: The permeable paving can be best for temporary lawn parking. It is the fastest and easy process to install pavements and lawn parking. Without a proper fill, it becomes a temporary way to manage the parking areas. It can last for more than two years or more.
  • Reduce drainage costs: The permeable pores of the materials have been the best reason to serve the drainage system. The water can drain off through the pores and therefore reduce the drainage costs.  
 A few of the ways that can help in keeping the permeable paving  clean are as follows


Are they expensive? Comparing to other forms of materials for pavements, it is expensive. But considering long-term investments on the pavements opting for permeable paving is beneficial. You do not need to spend any extra cost on the maintenance of the drainage systems. Hence, it is a much better deal.  

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