Is Invisalign Teen Right for My Kid

Is Invisalign Teen Right for My Kid?

The prospect of having to wear orthodontic braces made of metal fills the minds of many young people with fear. To our great relief, conventional braces made of metal are no longer the sole alternative available to kids.

Invisalign┬« Teen provides a personalized solution that gets rid of the unfavorable thoughts and concepts that are sometimes connected with metal braces while still providing the outcome that is wanted, which is teeth that are straight and aligned. Our team is here to guide you in making the best choice for your child’s oral health requirements when it comes to┬áInvisalign Surrey.

Invisalign Is a Wonderful Alternative to Braces for Teens

Invisalign does provide a device specifically designed for use by adolescents called Invisalign Teen. It is often an excellent replacement for braces for adolescents who have crowding or spacing concerns that are only mild to moderate in severity.

It is hard to determine whether or not your adolescent is a suitable candidate for Invisalign without first booking a consultation since “mild to moderate” is a phrase that may mean a lot of different things depending on the context.

We will be able to provide additional information on treatment and make a recommendation regarding the particular “type” of Invisalign treatment that is best suited for your teenager once we have had the opportunity to evaluate your teen during his or her Invisalign consultation. There are multiple “types” of Invisalign treatment.

Your Child Will Have to Make a Commitment

Compliance is very necessary to determine whether or not the Invisalign treatment for adolescents will be successful. Although some adolescents just need to wear their aligners for a few months, most of the time, the treatment will need anything from a one to three-year commitment on their part.

Although you are not required to wear your Invisalign aligners at all times (more on this will be covered in the next section), it does need some degree of responsibility on your part. On the other hand, that’s a positive development! There is nothing wrong with putting your adolescent through Invisalign as a way to teach them a little bit more responsibility. As an adult, they will be better off as a result of it.

Wearing Aligners Is Required the Majority of the Time

The fact that conventional metal braces cannot be removed is one of the primary advantages offered by Invisalign aligners in comparison to them. Even while this is really positive, there are occasions when it might seem like a “catch-22” scenario.

Your adolescent has to have the self-control to wear their aligners most of the time since, if they don’t, they will just end up causing more problems for themselves in the long run. We advise that adolescents keep their Invisalign aligners in their mouths for a full 22 hours each day.

Yes, 22 hours is a significant amount of time, but in all honesty, even if your adolescent falls a little short and only wears them for 20 or so hours every day, they will be just fine. Teenagers benefit greatly from using Invisalign aligners since they can remove them at any time, making it easy for them to eat, go on dates, attend prom, and participate in other activities.

It Will Require You to See the Orthodontist Regularly

The majority of orthodontists, including us, will want to visit your kid around once every six weeks while they are in orthodontic treatment. Since each set of aligners is worn for a total of around two weeks on average, visits to the orthodontist to check on the patient’s progression should be made approximately every six weeks.

Some parents may see this as nothing more than a small inconvenience; but, at our office, we will schedule your child’s 6-week Invisalign checks well in advance so that you have plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments to your schedule. Our mission is to collaborate with you and your adolescent kid to maximize the effectiveness of the Invisalign treatment for your child while minimizing the amount of time that it takes both of us to complete the process.

You will Notice an Increase in Your Teenager’s Confidence

Even though it’s not fair, wearing metal braces may come with a certain amount of social stigma, and this is particularly true throughout the adolescent years. When it comes to Invisalign, this just isn’t the case.

Since transparent and invisible aligners are now a fashion trend, likely, your adolescent won’t mind having to use them regularly. Invisalign is not going to have the same effect on your kid’s self-esteem as conventional metal braces may, even if I’m sure you aren’t too worried about whether or not your teen is “cool.”

It Is Worth The Effort

Your child’s physical and mental well-being, as well as their happiness, should be your first concern as a parent. Both of these objectives may be met with the help of Invisalign Teen, which can give your kid a smile that is more confident, healthier, and straighter.

We have yet to speak with a parent who says they are sorry they brought their adolescent child in for an Invisalign consultation. Without having to resort to conventional metal braces, both the youngsters and their parents can get the desired end result (straighter teeth).

Wrapping Up

The question now is, what should we do next? We really hope that the information presented here has helped throw some more light on the Invisalign treatment procedure for adolescents. As was just discussed, the only way to know for sure whether your adolescent is eligible for Invisalign is to book a consultation with our dental practice Surrey.

This is the only way to get an answer to this question. Our staff has extensive expertise in treating young patients with Invisalign and making treatment suggestions. If you are interested in Invisalign and would like to book a consultation, please get in contact with us as soon as possible.

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