Is It Time To Buy A Tutima Watch

Investing 101: Is It Time To Buy A Tutima Watch?

If you plan to reward yourself for a job well done, there is nothing more fitting than buying a new watch. Luxury watches are a significant investment; therefore, quality is a significant consideration. Tutima Watches, like other “made in Germany” products, is gaining popularity among watch connoisseurs for its design and excellent timekeeping. It is one of the rising timepieces of today. For some, this may be the first time that they hear about the brand. But for avid watch aficionados, they would know the value and quality of a Tutima timepiece. Let us find out more about the Tutima watch.

Where did the brand start?

As far back as 1845, Germany’s watchmaking industry started in the town of Glashutte, Saxony. Initially, they manufactured pocket watches.  However, after going bankrupt after the war, the watch companies were bought by Ernst Kurtz in 1927.  Instead of pocket watches, he decided to produce wristwatches after observing that pilots found it cumbersome to tell time whenever they take out their pocket watches.

Therefore, Tutima watches were designed for military and air force pilots.  Aside from accurate timekeeping, Kurtz ensured that the wristwatches were stress and shock-proof.  The Tutima Watches were provided to German military groups under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

How did it get its brand name?

Because of its widespread use in the military and air force, its brand name Tutima was taken from the Latin word “tutus,” meaning “safe” or “protected.” The Tutima watch was known as the official watch of the German Reich’s air force pilots.

What are some of its unique features?

One of its best features, especially for pilots, is the flyback chronograph. This quality allows the wearer to restart the stopwatch with only one push, instead of pushing three buttons to stop, reset, and continue.

Another feature is its strong water resistance. The Tutima Grand Flieger, for instance, can withstand up to 20 atmospheres (atm) of water pressure. The Tutima Sky model, although more affordable, is built to withstand 10 atm. Additional timing, also known as multiple time zones, is another advantage of high-caliber watches like Tutima.

Fourth, Tutima watches are made of grade-2 titanium, making them highly resistant to corrosion and scratches.  Although titanium is a strong material, the wristwatches are lightweight, making them very comfortable to wear. Another unique feature is its acoustic signals. In the Tutima Hommage, two gongs are used to sound off the time. Lastly, Tutima watches, particularly the Sky model, have a reserve power of up to 38 hours.

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What models are available?

Tutima watches fall under one of the following groups – Grand Flieger, M2, Sky, Saxon One, Patria, Tempostopp, and Hommage.

Grand Flieger

Designed for pilots, the Grand Flieger has pushers that they can operate even while wearing gloves.  The watch’s edges were rounded to protect the cockpit’s equipment from being accidentally damaged.

Depending on your chronograph preferences, there is the Classic, Airport, and Automatic. Both Classic and Airport watches have a diameter of 43 mm and are water-resistant for up to 20 atm.  The Automatic, however, is slightly smaller at 41 mm and is equipped with 10 atm water resistance. All three models are automatic watches with self-winding features.


Like the chronograph watches used by NATO, the M2 watch has a large diameter of up to 46 mm.  Its chronograph has 60-second, 60-minute, and 12-hour counters.

Under the M2 group is the Tutima Seven Seas watch – the ideal choice for people who are fond of water sports.  These watches have been pressure-tested to handle up to 50 bars (50 meters).

Tutima Coastline watches, in the meantime, are edgeless and lightweight.  Being pressure-tested up to 30 bars (30 meters), this watch is the right choice for those who go yacht racing.


Known as an entry-level watch, the Sky models are attractive because they are available in regal blue, forest green, and Bordeaux red dials. Despite the colored display, its week, date, and time remain legible.  Moreover, its luminous hour dots enable the wearer to read the time even in the dark.

Compared to Tutima’s other watches, Sky has a smaller diameter of 41 mm.  However, it boasts of up to 38 hours of reserve power.


Tutima watchmakers created beauty in the Patria watch, wherein the seconds are seen in an off-center circle at the bottom.  Water-resistance is up to 5 atm.

Saxon One

Although the Saxon One is as sporty as other Tutima watches, it has a version for the ladies measuring at only 36 mm in diameter.  Its power reserve reaches up to 44 hours.


It took three years to create the Tempostopp watch.  Its complexity lies in its flyback feature, known in German as “Tempostopp.”  With only one push, the elapsed-seconds hand is automatically started, stopped, and back to zero.


This model is the only Tutima watch that is equipped with acoustic time signals.  Two gongs are activated to relay the time.

With its long history of watchmaking, Tutima watches have an excellent price-quality ratio.  If you are looking for a personal wristwatch, you can never go wrong with a Tutima.

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