Interior Designs For Small Homes Suggested By Interior Designer In Kolkata

Interior Designs For Small Homes Suggested By Interior Designer In Kolkata

Designing a small house is not a cakewalk. You need to hire an expert who brings out the best in a limited space. Be it Victorian or be it Bohemian, your space shouldn’t restrict you to cut down on your dreams. You will also be required to act smart when it comes to getting a small house done. So, it is always better to take help from the best interior designer in Kolkata who can help you do your small house in the best possible way.

Here Are Some Of The Most Effective Interior Design Hacks For Small Homes

1. Wall-To-Wall Dining Area

The best interior designer in Kolkata will suggest you go for a wall-to-wall dining area in case you have space issues. If you have a small living area that doesn’t mean you need to give up on your dining space. You can surely pick up a corner and make sure that the table and couch are close to the walls. This will give you ample space to move around and will also give the impression that you have a bigger living room. You can also add lush chairs to make the space feel grand. You can smartly play with the lights and wall art to complete the look.

2. Multipurpose Furniture

Since furniture takes up a lot of space, it is best to go for multipurpose furniture. When you deal with small spaces, you might want to skip a few pieces of furniture because they will end up taking a lot of space. So, a clever way here is to go for the furniture piece that offers multiple utilities. For example, instead of going for a simple table design, you can go for a table that has drawers for storage. You can also pick up multipurpose display racks that come with drawers at the bottom. You can go for foldable tables which can be folded back into the wall when not needed.

3. Personalized Furniture For Bedrooms

 Modern ideas for doing small homes are not always about scaling down everything. It also means going for things that are required as a priority over things that are just for display. You can create a setup in the house where all your furniture is grouped and occupies one end of the room. You can also go for a customized set that offers a complete package when it comes to small house interior design.

4. Go For Light-Tone

Light shades lend an expansive and airy look as compared to dark shades. A light shade on the wall makes the room appear bigger. So, in case you are doing the interiors of your home that is smaller in size, always choose light tones.

5. Everything Should Be Aligned To The Wall

One of the easiest ways when it comes to interior designs for small homes is to push every piece of furniture to the wall. This leaves a good amount of space in the middle of the room. This hack is also effective for designing all kinds of rooms in a small house according to the best interior designer in Kolkata.

To Sum It Up

Doing the interiors of a small home is an art. Adding mirrors into a smaller space surely makes it look bigger and more attractive. The best interior designer in Kolkata says that if you have limited space, you should decorative articles of furniture, only if they are absolutely necessary. If you add too many décor items in a small space, your space will look cluttered and uninviting. You should try to organize things and not just add elements. Don’t keep your small house cluttered if you wish to make it look aesthetic.

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