Integrating Instagram videos into your marketing campaign 

Integrating social media videos into your marketing campaign 

What type of posts do you notice while scrolling down your Facebook feed? They are mostly videos. The social media platform produces more than 9 million billion video views every day. It’s an ever-growing trend, showcasing the viability of videos in today’s era of social media marketing.

There’s already a buzz that within the next few years, bulk of FB’s social feed will be just videos. Videos entail more watch-time. If your brand wants to attract more followers, you need to integrate video marketing within your business strategy.

It could be Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media channel. There are definite reasons why videos dominate each and every platform. While FB videos are versatile and can compete with TV, Instagram ones are extremely business-friendly. The latest IG updates have changed the way brands advertise on the popular platform.

More than 68% of ad impressions emanate from video content. It’s amazing to know that this very rate was 9% just one year ago. The transition is indeed impressive. With a 629% increase rate, Instagram videos are redefining online marketing. Video ads entail a higher engagement rate than conventional static ads.

By adding Stories to your feed, your videos are the reigning king of social feeds.

IG video marketing

From being all about the photos to going full visual, Instagram has indeed come of age. Although pictures continue to be the platform’s staple, video content is on a rampage. You can share videos in Stories, newsfeed, and use them for creating high-converting, viable ad campaigns.

  • Branding videos fetch maximum traction. They concentrate on brand storytelling and brand awareness. You design them for cold or unpredictable audience.
  • These videos often feature your brand’s USP or unique selling proposition. You highlight the best features of your product, making it valuable or unique.

It’s more of an introduction to your product and not a hard sale. Branding videos can also entail behind-the-scenes content.

Product videos can be of numerous forms. However, they unequivocally deal with one or two items exclusively. These videos elucidate why you need those products in your life.

  • Tutorial videos are extremely pro-business. Brands often overlap them with product flicks, but they talk about how to use a product, or optimize its uses instead of only pondering on the features. Tutorial videos uphold your brand value.
  • For many brands, educational videos are a superb strategy to boost their inbound marketing.
  • With outbound marketing, you literally teach your followers about your industry, with or without the mention of your video or product. These videos build relationship with your customers and establish your goodwill and credibility.

Need for videos

Instagram is the place for people to discover your brand. Most people spend time on the app by fiddling with the Explore tab. While a photo can speak countless words, a video can disseminate much more. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate your personality, stories, teamwork, and achievements in a gripping manner.

  • Square videos are a rage on IG. Landscape videos are slowly fading away. Customers love video content on Insta.
  • The platform experienced the largest increase in transactions due to video marketing. The statistics keep increasing each year. Videos give customers more clarity about their favorite content form from brands.
  • Additionally, your Instagram feed is perfect for video. Over 75% customers say that a brand’s social media personality impacts their purchasing decision.
  • At least 34% of customers look at your social media accounts before visiting your website.

When you that most of the individuals discovering your brand on Instagram are yet your followers, your feed is the ideal place to illustrate your brand identity. Videos offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your business peaks and stand out from other content.

Additionally, IG Stories provide great scopes to connect with new audiences and convert that engagement into revenue. You can also get new followers from

Specs and properties

For Instagram Stories, the maximum length of your video is 15 seconds. It supports MP4 file format and 9:16 aspect ratio. The recommended resolution is 1080*1920. 720px is the minimum resolution.

  • You can upload 3-60 seconds videos in Instagram feed. The aspect ratio can be 1:91:1 to 4:5. You can choose among square, vertical, or horizontal videos.
  • Instagram Live is the new sensation. Since it entails direct filming from your smartphone and in real-time, there are only a few specifications to remember. The length is 3 seconds to one hour. With MP4 file format, its aspect ratio is 9:16.
  • IGTV is the most popular option today. You can do it in vertical and horizontal. The aspect ratios are 9:16 and 16:9 respectively. It started out as vertical videos, but now has diversified, encouraging brands and influencers to use to the maximum.

You can tell unique stories through videos. Visuals have compelling properties to hold the ground. Choose your subject matter before starting a video. Instagram is all about cut-throat competition and brands are constantly looking to outshine each other, both in terms of viewers and the concerned algorithm.

Light, camera, shoot

Lighting is very important. While you don’t need a state-of-the art lighting equipment or set to make yourself or your content look astounding on screen.

You need to follow some fundamental guidelines to improve your video quality. There are some basic tips for the portrait flicks or “talking head” videos.

  • In these videos, a single subject sits in one location and speaks directly to the camera.
  • Natural light plays a critical role. If your office, room, site, or workshop have big windows, position yourself near the natural light sources.
  • Overhead lights aren’t a good option for shooting as they can lead to clumsy visual effects.
  • Brands need to be creative with their light sources or tools. You can brighten up or soften the illumination by plugs, paper or white poster boards.
  • Regarding shooting, shoot your video in landscape or portrait mode. The platform allows you to orient your visuals whichever way you want to.

Your shot must be steady. Since your IG video can span for a minute, select the best shots for your Story. Lifestyle, culture, tourism, food, and fitness shots never go out of vogue.

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