Information Guide: Why Asbestos Removal Is Good?

Why Asbestos removal is good? Or why it is not suitable to our health? To know this, the very first question we need to discuss that what is Asbestos?

Asbestos refers to six naturally occurring silicate minerals, which are an excellent insulator and is highly heat-resistant. Initially, it was used as a building material as insulation for pipes in ceiling tiles and as noise-blocking wall panels in the construction of buildings.

While Asbestos does a wonderful job at insulating, it is now a public health and safety hazard and is proven as harmful to both humans and animals. Its exposure can cause a deadly medical condition known as mesothelioma. Inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause various lung conditions, for example, asbestosis and cancer.

Countries like Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and the UK have complete ban on the use Asbestos, whereas the United States and Vietnam are countries where Asbestos use is legal. Asbestos was later substituted by mineral wool, and glass wool, which are now the main insulators in houses. Cement-bonded wood fiber and polybenzimidazole are some unique fibers are used in place of Asbestos. 

So, as use of this is not suitable for health, the thoughts came that the commercial building that was constructed more than 30 years ago might have dangerous Asbestos inside which will not be ideal for the living beings present around the building.  Fortunately, there is a way to safely remove Asbestos reducing the risk of exposure for commercial property owners. This process is known as asbestos abatement; during this, certified technicians will be fitted in protective suits and breathing devices to protect them while they work, sealing the whole area.  They remove it and then it is disposed of safely.  Therefore let’s take a look at the advantages of removal of this life-threatening element.

Benefits of Asbestos Removal:

  • Reduce Your Cancer Risk:- It is not suitable for both health and safety hazard and harmful to humans and animals, which can cause cancer. Its exposure can cause a deadly medical condition known as mesothelioma. 
  • Lessen your Chance of Inhaling Asbestos:- If Asbestos is not available around there are fewer chances to inhale it. Inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause severe various lung conditions, asbestosis and cancer.
  • Environment friendly:- Use of Asbestos can have a significant impact on the environment, and removing it will ensure lesser pollution. 
  • Pet Health:- This material is not good for both humans and animals. Pets can become sick If Asbestos is present in ceiling tiles, siding, insulation, flooring, or shingles. So this removal is good for everyone’s health.
  • Natural Disasters and Asbestos Exposure:- If any part of the house is built with this hazardous element and natural calamities occur like a flood, fire etc., it can cause damage as Asbestos particles are airborne.
  • Asbestos Alternatives:- There are many safe options used for insulation than this, a better solution or we can say a better element will be more eco-friendly and good for both health & environment.

Measures Taken While Asbestos Removal:- 

  • Ensures safety and Utilize the right equipment:- Proper measures should be taken while removing this hazardous material.
  • Possess the needed insurance:- Insurance coverage protection is good. If anything goes wrong in your premises, the company will be able to offer financial compensation.
  • Possesses extensive, experience and training:- The training helps them to gain the needed knowledge and skills to remove Asbestos.
  • Offers proper disposal as well as complete the task in the minimum time frame:- people should know the ways of Asbestos removal. Quick remove and dispose of the materials containing Asbestos is good for environment as well. 

If you have doubt that your building may have asbestos then make sure to get it checked and removed.  At the time of removal you should be aware of the best safety of yours and labors.

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