Important Tips for Solo Travelling

Important Tips for Solo Travelling

For some people, solo traveling can be a life-changing experience. At the very least, that experience will provide its own challenges that are not possible if you are traveling with other people. Without friends, now you must rely on yourself to solve various problems encountered during the trip.

For solo female travelers, they need to be more cautious as compare to male. For that, we have list down some safety tips for travelling alone so that will get you more prepared to face the challenges of solo traveling.

Make sure you have internet access

The internet can be your helper in various circumstances, for example monitoring the route when taking a taxi alone. That way, you can immediately find out that the driver is taking you off the proper route. There are currently many ways you can still be online overseas, from subscribing to a data roaming package, buying a local SIM card, to renting a wifi router.

Tell friends or family at home

During the trip, give regular update so that your friends and family know you are fine. When taking a taxi or going to meet someone, try to provide data on the vehicle you are riding in as well as the name of your driver or friend. Updating social media with photos and holiday stories can also be a way to leave a mark on the internet so your friends and family don’t worry.

Look for accommodations with good reviews

Before booking accommodations, read many reviews to ensure your choice of place and surrounding area are safe for women. Choosing a place that gets good reviews from a female traveler can be a good start. If you plan to stay at a local resident’s house, like couch surfing or rent Airbnb, also read reviews about your prospective host. You don’t want to live with an annoying host or worse that have bad intentions towards you, right?

Don’t share information with just anyone

Chatting with new people is fun, but you don’t need to share any information if you feel uncomfortable. This includes the story that you are traveling alone. Some people might use this vulnerable information to commit a crime. If you feel disturbed by strangers trying to approach you, you can also say that you have a friend or partner who is waiting for you.

Save money and important documents in several places

This tip is useful if you lose money or important documents. Tuck money in places other than the wallet, for example your pocket and purse left at the inn. Also save copies of important documents such as passports and proof of ticket reservations and lodging in a place separate from where you keep the original documents. For more precautions, keep soft copies of documents in e-mail or cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

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Prepare more than enough money

No matter how tight your travel budget, set aside some money just in case you need to pass the budget for various reasons. For example, the accommodations that you have ordered are not as expected and you want to move to more comfortable accommodations. A reserve fund can be in the form of money that you carry with you or a valid debit and credit card at your vacation destination.

Choose a bag that is not easy to be a target for pickpocketing

Choosing the right type of bag can also increase your security. For any bags, sling bags or backpacks are safer than handbags that are easier to grab. Also make sure you bring a padlock for your suitcase or garment bag. If you travel a lot, investing in an anti-theft bag can also be an option. Bags which are marketed as anti-theft bags usually have unique features such as hidden compartments for storing valuable objects.

Trust your instincts

One of the most enjoyable parts of each trip is of course when we feel new experiences that might not be obtained at home. But don’t let feelings of pleasure and wanting to try new things make you less aware of your surroundings. Do not hesitate to leave a place or person that makes you feel uncomfortable. You also don’t need to feel bad about refusing someone’s offer if you’re not interested. Sometimes, our instincts work because indeed our safety is being threatened, so just believe in your instincts!

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