Importance of the student accommodation

Nowadays the importance of abroad education has been increased. For higher and professional studies like M.B.A., MBBS, and other professional courses people are preferring studies from abroad. But the decision of studies abroad is affected by many factors and accommodation for a living is one such factor. Accommodation to live also can be searched online. For example, you have taken admission in a college in England, which is situated in Nottingham.

Then you may search for homes for students Nottingham. Before we take any accommodation on rent we consider many things related to such an apartment. Like the distance from the rented accommodation to college, whether it is a separate accommodation or shared accommodation, rooms available in the apartment, and many other things. However, while taking an apartment on rent, the amount of rent to be paid is a major consideration because people do spend according to their financial budget so they won’t have to face any shortage in their budget. There are various types of accommodation.

The types of accommodation are given below:

  • People with an average budget may prefer studio apartment, studio apartment is a type of small apartment. It has a single room containing everything in that single room. Everything like kitchen, bathroom, storage area, furniture, bed, etc. Such types of apartments are best for bachelors.
  • Another type of accommodation is on-campus accommodation, these are provided by schools, colleges, and universities. Furniture is already available in such types of apartments. The one who is taking such an apartment on rent won’t have to spend additionally for the furniture. However, on-campus apartments are costly than other kinds of apartments
  • Private halls of residence: these are the private halls not owned by any university, college, or school. These are kind of shared apartments, better options for those students who get failed to take on-campus accommodation.
  • Another option is en-suite. En-suite refers to the separate rooms provided with separate bathrooms with shower facilities inside it. However, shared en-suites are also available. In shared en-suite students will be sharing the bathrooms located near to their rooms. Shared en-suite does not have separate bathrooms. Shared en-suites easily fall into the budget of the students.
  • If you are married you can also rent a dual occupancy studio. A dual occupancy studio is especially for couples.

Before taking an apartment on rent we consider many things

Following are the things to be considered before taking an apartment on rent:

  • First and foremost consideration is the rent charges that a tenant will have to pay for living in a rented apartment. Students usually try rent charges of the apartment fall into their financial budget. If the rent charges exceed the financial budget then it will create trouble for the tenant.
  • Another thing to be considered before taking any accommodation on the rent is the distance of the accommodation from the college or university in which the students have taken admissions. Students usually prefer apartments that are not so far from their colleges. For example, If the apartment will be too far from their college it will add on their cost like traveling charges from college to apartment and apartment to college and it will take them more time to reach their colleges.
  • Another thing to be kept in mind is the nature of the landlord. A bad landlord can make your renting experience worst and he may also increase the rental charges at very short intervals. So, before taking an apartment on rent make sure the landlord is good by having a chat with the landlord either face to face or on the phone call.
  • The quality of the apartment is another thing to be kept in mind before taking an apartment on rent. We should not easily believe in the pictures of the accommodation provided online until we visit the apartment. Quality of apartment may refer to the hygiene and surroundings of the apartment. The visit is to make sure that the apartment is located in a clean area.
  • If you are moving into a shared apartment you need to know your roommates before moving in. As they will be strangers to you it is really important to make sure that their way of living matches your way of living. For example, if you prefer to get into your bed at 10 pm, they also prefer the same. Otherwise, it would become difficult for you to live with them. It may also cause having bad relations with them.
  • When meeting with your roommates you also need to enquire with them about the neighbors. Having good neighbors can be beneficial while having a bad day.
  • Before taking an apartment on rent you should read the lease agreement and its terms and conditions carefully. For example, any day you want to invite your friends to the apartment for staying for a few days but the lease agreement does not allow you to do so. So you need to make these things clear before signing the lease agreement.
  • You also need to make clear that rental charges already includes the other utility charges like furniture cost, electricity bills, water bills, etc. These things already should be included in the rental charges of the apartment. Make it clear with the landlord whether the rental charges are inclusive of such charges or exclusive.
  • You should also check the AC and the heater provided in the room do work properly. If these are not working properly then you may look for the other apartments.
  • Consider their pet policy. For example, you want to keep a pet in your apartment but your landlord does not allow to do so. These things should be clear before signing the lease agreement.

So, all these explain the importance of accommodation before moving abroad for any purpose. All the points mentioned above are the points to be made sure before taking any apartment on rent. If you will move in without confirming the above points then you might have to repent later on. And also go through the lease agreement carefully.

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