Importance Of Drinking Water In Winter

Importance Of Drinking Water In Winter

Staying hydrated during the summer season is often talked of. In fact, we all know how to maximize our water intake during those hot and sweaty seasons. Unfortunately, the treatment for winter is not the same. In fact, most of us avoid drinking water when the weather gets cold. This could cause massive damage to your health, causing headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness & more. Hence, it’s important to up your water intake throughout all seasons so that you never have to deal with a health concern. To know more about the importance of boosting your water intake in winter, keep reading.

Overcome Dehydration

A common concern most people have to deal with during winter is dehydration. The coolness of winter causes us to turn on artificial heating systems that aggravate the issue even more. Although winter dehydration is a little tough of note, it can lead to huge side effects if the matter is not addressed soon enough.  That’s why experts suggest that you keep yourself well hydrated during winter to regulate body temperature and ensure there’s a regular flow of essential nutrients in the body.

Keeps You Energetic

Staying energetic and active is a major challenge during the winter season, especially when the mid-afternoon lethargy kicks in. While caffeine is known to ward off that fatigue, excessive amounts could also lead to fatigue. That’s why, experts believe you should stay hydrated at all times of the day, especially between meals so that your body functions well, does not use up all the extra sources of energy, and prevents that feeling of sluggishness.

Prevents Major Health Concerns

Dehydration during winter comes with its own set of concerns, including dizziness, dry skin, lack of energy, dry mouth, susceptibility to injuries, concentration problems, and more. Even changing in liquid color to apple juice is a huge sign of dehydration. All of this can be massively avoided if you understand the importance of drinking water in winter and boosting your daily intake.

Boost Your Immunity

Winter can also cause massive blows to your immune system since plenty of airborne viruses are prevalent during this time of the year. Dehydration could weaken your immunity and cause the mucous membranes in the sinus and lungs to reduce their resistance towards infections. Drinking water in the right amounts during winter will keep the barriers of your body well protect and make sure you are immune to common colds, flu, and other viral fevers.

How Much Water Should You Drink During Winter?

The amount of water we drink has a lot to do with our activity level and gender. If you are wondering how much water you should consume this winter, here are the rules that you need to keep in mind.

  • The average man should drink somewhere between 8-10 glasses of water each day
  • The average woman should stick to a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water per day
  • Breastfeeding moms should drink somewhere between 7-10 glasses of water each day
  • Men who are physically active should consume between 10-14 glasses of water per day
  • Men who are physically active should consume between 8-12 glasses a day

The best way to increase your water intake during winter includes keeping a filled water bottle next to your work desk at all times, incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet, drinking water between meal times, adding a nice squeeze of fresh fruits to your water to make it flavorsome and of course, enjoying a hot bowl of soup or green tea in the evening.

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