IELTS Online Practice Test 9 Simple Steps for Consistent Progress

IELTS Online Practice Test: 9 Simple Steps for Consistent Progress

The IELTS exam is a tough one, but it can be made less daunting with the right preparation. If you’re looking for simple steps on how to prepare yourself better before taking the IELTS exam, then keep reading!To maximize their chances of success when preparing, candidates should be regular with their IELTS Online Practice Tests. But how can you make sure that your IELTS Online Practice Tests are effective?

Follow these 9 simple steps to get the most out of your online practice tests. You’ll see consistent progress in no time!

Steps to Improve your IELTS Online Practice Test

Here are some simple steps that you should implement to enhance your performance and improve your scores.

But, the first thing I would recommend is having a positive mindset so that you can focus while studying or practicing!

Take a Minute to Understand the Format and Question Types


The primary difference between IELTS General Training and Academic is the test format. Candidates who desire to travel as working professionals or for Immigration purposes, require to take the IELTS General Test. While the students who wish to study overseas need to give the IELTS Academic Test. Also, understand the questions types in each of the modules; this will help you prepare better and get precise practice for each question type. IELTS Exam serves as the entrance requirement for many countries across the world such as Australia and Canada!

Set Realistic Goals

Each candidate is different and so are their goals. Do not compare your goals with others (including your friends and family). Make sure you know exactly what band score you want to achieve. Then only, you can work on ‘how to achieve your desired IELTS band score’. Ensure you are absolutely aware of your goal and then stick to it. This way, it will be easier to prepare while attempting the IELTS Online Practice Tests.

Prepare an IELTS Practice Timetable

It’s time to get studying! There are a few things you can do before your test, that will make all the difference. First, decide how much time you can dedicate each day to your IELTS preparations. Let’s say, four or five hours (whatever works best!). But remember, tutors have recommended devoting at least three to four hours. Rest, you can make changes in the study calendar as per your requirements. Secondly, block that time slot and ensure you do not make other plans. Be consistent! Thirdly, make sure your calendar has time slots concentrating on each module – thus, you can work on all of them simultaneously. Ultimately, each module carries the same weightage!

Rely only on Genuine Resources

There are abundant options for students preparing to take the IELTS exam. In the beginning, it can be difficult to decide which ones will help you, and even more how genuine they are!

The best way to make sure you don’t fall into a trap, lose money, or time is by checking the authenticity of the source. Always start by checking out the well-known and trustworthy website of every practice material you come across. There are numerous links, videos, and practice material pages available on the internet. But remember, the authentic ones are those who have model answers and are available on various platforms like social media channels.

Be Regular with your IELTS Online Practice Test

IELTS Test can be exhausting! Why so? Because it is a test of time and accuracy. So it requires immense concentration. You’ll need both stamina as well as technique for this exam! Let me share with you one of my favorite ways for better preparation before taking the IELTS Test. To maximize your performance, you should invest time into practicing each section regularly until you feel natural about the test.

Check and Recheck. Spot your Errors

When you start taking the IELTS Online Practice Tests, you may start with scoring low. Eventually, with proper practice and the help of the model answers, you will score better in each practice test. This step is crucial!

Now, the ultimate goal is to score high as per your requirements. You need to cross-check your answers, upgrade yourself, and verify the right and wrong answers. Track your progress as well. This way, you can compare all your tests periodically.

Refer to Educational Blogs and Videos

IELTS is constantly evolving, so it’s best to follow the latest updates. You will find immense material and information on YouTube channels and blogs that offer insights into test-taking strategy from respected tutors in their field!

Always check the publish date to ensure that the article or video isn’t very old, this way, you will be getting the latest information. Moreover, you can find candidates sharing their experiences that you can learn from.

There are videos and podcasts available for the IELTS Speaking test as well, which gives a rough idea of the test day!

Strengthen your Vocabulary

Vocabulary carries high importance while preparing for the IELTS exam.

Did you know?

Vocabulary, widely known as Lexical Resources in the IELTS test, is one of the four IELTS assessment criteria and holds 25% weightage in IELTS Speaking and Writing.

Thus, you need to work on it! It’s always a good idea to have the dictionary with you while studying.

Make a note of each new word, and you can also install an IELTS mobile app (that has an in-built dictionary, for instance, IELTS Tutorials). Also, try at least three new words in every IELTS Writing test.

Use a Timer and learn Time Management for every test

IELTS Exam is a time-based test. Thus, time is of utmost importance. During all your IELTS Online Practice tests, always use a timer to get used to taking the exam in the given time frame. Also, if you use a timer during your practice test, it will give you a real-time experience of the test. Thus, when you sit for the actual test, it will make you feel less nerve-wracking and daunting.

To End with…

If you want to live the life of your dreams, it’s time for some great scores! With a high score on IELTS, many career options will open up before you – including studies, work, or immigration! A good tutor can really help improve scores, so don’t be afraid if your scores are not improving; just reach out with questions and let them guide where we go next.

Remember, a great way to get ready for IELTS Online Practice Tests is by enrolling with genuine and authentic resources, referring to its reviews, and checking for model answers, and their social media presence.

All the best for your test!

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