Use Creative Moulds in Baking

How to Use Creative Moulds in Baking

You have most likely heard of a silicone moulds if you are a food enthusiast. It is a container made of silicone that holds the shape of your mixture either for baking or freezing. What has made it popular is the variety of shapes available.

You can use these moulds to fashion your food depending on the occasion. They are oven and freezer proof, making them an ideal companion in your kitchen. Perhaps the most popular ones are baking silicone.

Techniques for Baking with  Moulds

The bakers’ enthusiasm for silicone baking moulds has grown. These moulds are inherently nonstick, flexible, easy to use, dishwasher safe and affordable. So it is hard for any baker not to consider them.

However, they are not without their flaws. But if you follow the tips and techniques below, you can maximize the use of these beauties.

Start Small

Larger cake pans bend and crack still soft freshly-baked muffins and cupcakes. Most suggest mini-muffin cups and cupcake cups, for example, perform significantly better than larger silicone baking cups. In addition, smaller moulds are less costly and adaptable, with several models available.

Novelty Doesn’t Mean Usability.

There are a variety of uniquely shaped moulds. They might look adorable, but you might have an alarming inventory if you keep buying new ones instead of sticking to the classics.

Oil larger pans

Although these moulds are flexible, it is still safer to grease and flour bigger models before using them. It might be inconvenient, but the precaution will spare you from baking disasters. One pro tip is to substitute cocoa for flour if making chocolate cake.

Immediate Soaking Makes Clean up Easier

Use regular dishwashing soap and soak your moulds in water for a more efficient cleaning process. After soaking, you can toss them in the dishwasher.

These moulds can also be used as a re-usable serving cup

These silicone cups are great for small snacks and keep food segregated like jellybeans, almonds, and small candies. And because they are available in such a variety of fun shapes and colours, they can dress up a party platter.

Space Saving

Because of their unique composition, silicone baking moulds are stackable and, therefore, space-saving compared to metal trays. It is easy to pile the same shaped moulds on top of another.

Stick to metal containers for larger cake pieces

Experience has demonstrated large baking pans for large recipes need more structural support and a stronger cake base, which only a metal tray can deliver.

Perform the Pinch Test before purchase

Every type of silicone mould is not made equal. While this may be true, not all of it is produced in the same manner. You want to be certain that you’re obtaining pure silicone and not anything subpar. Adding fillers to a silicone lowers the cost but reduces its overall quality.

So, how can you know whether you’re receiving high-quality, pure silicone?

Pinch the silicone and twist to see how the material will react. If the colour remains the same, then it is most likely of good quality, while If it becomes white, then that has been mixed with other components and therefore not a pure silicone mould.

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