How to succeed in academic paper writing hire a proofreader for better results

How to succeed in academic paper writing: hire a proofreader for better results

Why is it difficult to write academic paper

It’s hard to write.

This is probably one of the most difficult activities since it requires active mental work, and the brain is an overly energy-consuming tool. Unsurprisingly, it’s rare to meet people for whom writing is a pleasure. They are usually called graphomaniacs. Or great writers – in the light of talent or luck. Therefore, if you catch yourself thinking: to come up with this, just not to write, then this is quite normal. Anyone would do the same in your place. However, if writing and, in particular, writing academic papers is the most important part of your work, then fighting laziness and excuses is best through a clear understanding that excuses are just excuses. And nothing more.

The human mind is not very good at fairytales. Here, again, a person’s tendency to save their energy costs is reflected. Therefore, all internal and external reasons explaining your desire not to write can be reduced to four barriers.

Why to hire proofreader is a good idea

It is quite tempting to hire proofreader especially if the service is cheap and a proofreader is good. When you hire someone professional, you don’t have to worry about anything, right? Nowadays, there are a lot of writing, editing and proofreading services available online by the help of which a student can get his essay proofread by an expert in a blink of an eye. Such a company as is a vivid example of a professional proofreading service, affordable and of high-quality.

Now, let’s get back to the barriers.

Barrier 1 : I don’t have time for this

“I have absolutely no time for this.”

“If I had free time, I would write as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels taken together.”

Like any excuse, it only shows the imaginary, not the real state of affairs. Time can always be found. A person, scientists say, uses only ten percent of his brain potential. It is difficult to assume that he, a person, manages his own time more efficiently. Think, if you are working, then are you lookin due by the time, if you’re lucky. The job of a student is to write academic paper, and if so – please be so kind. “Finding the time” is the most ineffective approach to writing.

“Making time” is much more productive. Do not seek, but make time in your regular work schedule when you write. And stick to it religiously.

It is important to emphasize here that the secret of productive academic writing is not in the number of days, hours and minutes that you can devote to this, but in regularity. If you devote ten minutes of your precious time to writing an academic paper every day, then this is much better than nothing. Do you agree? In fact, a person is not as busy as he thinks or as he would like. If you start getting up at least an hour earlier every day … well, okay – fifteen minutes earlier to spend them at your desk, then in a week this turns into 1 hour and 45 minutes. And in a month? Year? We would like to warn against a well-known variation of the excuse: I’d rather sit and write all Saturday or Sunday. As a rule, nothing comes of it. Weekends are days off, and it’s impossible to write all day.

The best strategy is to develop a habit. Or even a conditioned reflex. At the time due for writing, sit down at the table and start writing, not paying attention to your desires, wants and fear that you will not be able to write anything. This is best done daily.

But there is a subtlety here. Do your best so that nothing distracts you during these minutes. Your peers, telephone, internet, fire, earthquake. Eliminate your peers, turn off the phone, cut off the network and ignore the cries of “We are on fire!” You can put up the “Do not disturb!” At first, of course, no one will believe you and will constantly come up with a stupid question – why shouldn’t you bother? But then they will get used to it. After all, they, too, in a sense, will form a habit in themselves: at this time to you not to meddle with stupid questions.

If the time you have set aside for writing academic paper is sacred to you, then do not be as dogmatic about the rest of your time. If there is a free hour, then why not devote it to writing again. However, overfulfilling your daily writing quota does not mean that tomorrow you may break your routine! The habit is quickly developed, but just as quickly forgotten.

The secret to a productive academic paper is to do it every day. The secret to a productive academic writing is to write daily. You will be amazed at the volume of what you have written.

Barrier 2 : I need to collect more materials and read some additional information

The student has a specific and at first glance reasonable excuse: “To write an academic paper I need to read this and that, analyze this information, and without all this I cannot write anything worthwhile.” The problem with this excuse is that it tends to become permanent. And the articles you need have been read, and the information has been collected, but nothing worthwhile has been written by you and will not be written.

The easiest way to overcome this barrier is to do whatever is required for your article in your writing time. Need to familiarize yourself with this kind of work? No problem – read this work at the time due. Along the way, taking notes and writing down your own ideas about what you read. Do you need to do data analysis? Better yet, do it by jumping to conclusions along the way, which you will then include in your article.

Writing isn’t just about writing words, it’s a much broader concept. All that helps you complete your next academic paper is writing.          

Barrier 3 : To write a lot, I need a new computer, a laser printer, etc.

For a student, the excuse is often not the size of the fee (which is ridiculous), but the absence of some modern gadget that would raise their productivity to majestic heights. New computer. The newest tablet. Cool smartphone. This excuse is fueled by numerous advertising companies for related gadgets, promising their owner incredible creativity.

The answer is simple – everything is good in moderation. We don’t urge you to write on parchment by candlelight or even to tap your manuscripts on a typewriter, but any humble computer copes with such a task at a sufficient level. Any state-of-the-art equipment will not add a single grain to your ability to write academic papers. We deliberately leave out the need for specific academic equipment for conducting academic experiments and research.          

Barrier 4 : I lack inspiration

Any professional writer will tell you that there is no trace of inspiration. This is just a poetic image. Metaphor. Phantom. An excuse to wait for the arrival of something that does not exist. And the mood to write does not exist either. As, however, and the mood NOT to write. The existence of inspiration is contrary to the laws of physics, chemistry, economics and psychology. A psychological experiment was even put on this topic, when two groups of participants gathered for special writing sessions, but members of one group were allowed to write when they had inspiration and mood, and members of the other group had to work like slaves in galleys – to scribble on paper without looking up. Not only did the second group write more than three times as much as the first, but also the quality of the text and the novelty of their ideas turned out to be much higher. For it has long been known that text gives rise to ideas. The more you write, the more new ideas come to your mind.

The problem for students is that most of their texts, by definition, cannot generate either inspiration or a surge of creative energy. Well, tell me, what can be uplifting in writing an essay? And it’s unlikely that writing an academic report will improve your mood. Therefore, the solution is simple – write, write and write again. Write a lot when you have inspiration, and write even more when there is no inspiration at all. And keep in mind that there is to assist you with proofreading of what you have written.

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