How to Prevent External Hard Drive Failure

How to Prevent External Hard Drive Failure?

While facing an issue with data storage on your PC, it might get confusing to figure out where the problem actually lies. The issue can be within the software of the system or the hardware. To identify if the potential issue lies in one of the hardware sectors, you must check on the below symptoms that often indicate a hardware failure:

  1. The drive is generating strange noise or unusual heat while functioning.
  2. Generating an error message due to the corrupted file.
  3. Failure prompt while mounting the drive or unable to recognize it.
  4. Unusual delay in the access time of drives during operation.
  5. The files and folders in the drive are disappearing or duplicating unexpectedly.

On the other hand, software failure may occur due to virus and malware infection in the files, which may occur by clicking on unsecured links or redirects. Software failure can also take place due to installing the wrong operating system. If there is a failure in installation or the Windows safe mode, you can sense it if your computer is slowing down often or there is a frequent occurrence of a blue screen or complete screen freeze. If you cannot open the files due to corruption, it may be because of any internal or external hard drive issues. Whatsoever, it is always recommended to maintain a back-up of all the data files before the hard drives get entirely corrupted.

Unlike software, issues in the hardware can lead to severe data loss causing permanent damage to the data stored in the drive. To figure out whether the hard drive failure is due to a fault in the hardware or software, you can connect your hard drive to another system using an appropriate USB. If the hard drive functions appropriately in the other system, you can conclude that the problem is minor and easily rectified. If it is not the case, one must contact a reliable data recovery company.

The primary cause of hardware failure is corrupted files, and it may lead to a severe loss of useful data. The other cause can be a manufacturing defect that prevents the hard drive to be mounted on the system properly. Also, overheating may be one of the problems that often lead to damaging the hard drive abruptly. You can use a data recovery software to recover your data lost and restore the missing files in case of an external drive failure. However, if you are not well-versed in the required knowledge for doing so, you should not take the risk of choosing the DIY route for recovering the lost data or restore the missing files.

Since the data recovery process is complex, and there is no assurance that the data will surely be recovered, it might be overwritten or permanently disappeared. Keeping track of system usage is essential as it plays an important role when dealing with severe external drive failure conditions. The pre-defined prevention strategies may not be beneficial at times. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a back-up and be prepared for such unfortunate cases of a system or external drive failure. Among a few reputed data recovery service providers, Platinum Data Recovery has been a prominent name in offering reliable services like G-Drive data recovery, etc., when your data has been disappeared or made inaccessible due to external drive failure.

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