How to Make Your Guest Room More Warm & Welcoming

How to Make Your Guest Room More Warm & Welcoming

Whether you have a spare bedroom you’d like to turn into a cozy guest room, or whether you already have a guest room that just needs some sprucing up and personal touches, we’re here to help! Here are a few simple, actionable tips you can use to help turn your space into a more appealing, more welcoming, and ultimately more comfortable space for your guests:

Decluttering Is the First Step

If you’re like many families, your spare bedroom probably didn’t start out as a spare bedroom – it originally may have belonged to one of your children which has now grown up and left the nest! If you’re serious about repurposing the room for receiving guests, one of your first (and most important) steps may be to start the decluttering process. Does the room still include the “stuff” and decorations of your offspring’s childhood? If so, you probably need to start there. Box up things to either give to your child(ren), or to place somewhere else for safekeeping. Your future guests will appreciate it, and your children will appreciate your efforts to safeguard their special keepsakes, as well.

On the other hand, if your spare room was really just a spare room, you might have used it as a hobby room or catch-all storage space up to this point – meaning that there are likely plenty of opportunities for decluttering. Looking for some good decluttering tips? know about how to say goodbye to clutter.

Create a Space That’s Really Designed for Your Guests

A guest room doesn’t have to be large, and it doesn’t even have to be exclusively dedicated to guests! For example, if your child is away at college, this can still be their bedroom when they return home. The point is that you simply need to redesign the space to be more intentionally guest-friendly. Start by asking yourself how somebody else might feel about staying in the room. What would make them feel more comfortable? As long as there’s a bed, everything’s clean, and there’s a little room to move, then you’re well on the way to creating the right kind of space. Here are some more specific tips for curating a warm and welcoming environment for your guests.

Essential Furnishings

A bed with a quality mattress and fresh linens is really a non-negotiable. If people are coming to stay with you, then the quality of their sleep experience can either be a deal-maker, or a deal-breaker! In addition to putting clean sheets on the bed, you should also provide extra pillows and blankets. Darkening curtains or blinds will also help to create the right sleep environment.

Nice-to-Have Furnishings

A nightstand or small desk to place beside the bed is very close to being in the category of essential. Placing a bench at the foot of the bed will give your guests someplace to put their suitcase or bag, making them also feel more welcome. If you can’t do a bench, then a smaller, folding luggage rack (or even two) is another good option.

Temperature Check

Another thing that can greatly impact your guests’ experience – for better, or for worse – is the temperature of the room itself. Extremes of too hot or too cold are to be avoided. Most people prefer to sleep in a cooler environment; just be sure to include a cozy throw or coverlet in case your guests get chilly overnight. And when in doubt, just ask your guests about their temperature preferences!

The Bathroom Matters, Too

The bathroom is another area you really don’t want to neglect – make sure it’s clean. You should also provide fresh towels, a clean bathmat, and a nightlight – you don’t want your guests to take a fall in the dark! And if you really want your guests to feel welcome, place a basket of travel-size toiletries on the counter, just in case your guests forgot to pack something essential.

A Little Dedicated Storage Space Helps

If your guest room closet isn’t completely empty (e.g., if it still serves as your adult children’s bedroom whenever they’re home), that’s OK. Just make sure there’s some empty rod space (and some hangers, too) for your guests to be able to use. The same goes for a dresser – it doesn’t have to be completely empty, an empty drawer or two would be nice to offer for your guests’ usage.

Other Desirable Furnishings

Depending on your available space and budget, a full-size mirror is nice to include in the bedroom. This gives your guests more options for dressing and grooming, in the event that the bathroom is tied up. And in terms of bedroom lighting, floor lamps and desk lamps create a much warmer, more inviting mood than a single, bright overhead light.

Provide Some Extra Amenities

Whether you’re launching a bona fide B&B or not, there are still a few amenities you can provide for your guests that they’ll really appreciate. A convenient extension cord and power strip can come in handy for charging phones, laptops, etc. And speaking of technology, sharing your wi-fi network password is a welcoming gesture. Putting out some bottled water and prepackaged snacks (such as dried fruit and nuts) is a nice touch for your visitors, too.

Add a Touch of Style

When it comes to decorating a guest room, a primary goal should be to keep the space as calm, restful, and welcoming as possible. Even so, that doesn’t prohibit you from getting creative and designing your own signature style for the space. In addition to taking advantage of things like attractive bedding and decorative pillows, you can also add some tasteful artwork and hanging decorations to the walls.

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