How to make the slides like professional PowerPoint designers

It gets hard to master any skill without practicing and experimenting, the same goes with making the designer slides, people spend years to perfect this art and they keep on learning new techniques to stand out and present better in professional PowerPoint designers.

Go with complete preparation

Before embarking on the creative process, it is always wise to read all of your presentation or slideshow. Create a plan for each page and decide which items to include. You may want to consider upgrading the mind map or storyboard to help you with this process.

Determine the flow and speed of presentation or slide show, so you can design an experience around the building. Remember that order is important when creating presentations because it will allow you to stay on topic and include only the things that are most needed.

Always focus on learning goals

Always be aware of learning objectives, so you can customize all aspects of presentation to help students get one step closer to achieving their initial goal. For example, before you choose the right graphics to choose from, decide whether the item will serve your learning purposes or not. If you have not yet found your learning objectives, you may want to read the Comprehensive Learning Objectives to Improve the Quality of your e-Learning article, which highlights the basics of purpose-making and performance.

The text should e short, clear, and well-known.

The text you enter in your presentation or professional PowerPoint designers slide should be clear and concise. Having long paragraphs and running sentences will only distract or distract students. Consider adding bullet points if there is too much text, or leave some pieces of information that may not work. Also, when downloading an introduction, try not to include any text or ideas that you have already presented, unless it is an important point that needs to be emphasized

Make your own template

Create some variations for the different types of information you display – say, one layout for lists, another for text with image and another for charts.

Templates make your life a lot easier. Instead of rediscovering the cycle every time you need to create a presentation, you can pull out your template. Since the design work is already done, you can focus on the content – so you are sure that your presentation will be interesting.

Process is important

In a strong presentation, each thought leads to the next. There should be no “stops” or awkward transitions. This applies to your speech and your PowerPoint slides.

Each slide should bring your audience closer to your final slide – or call to action.

The flow is nebulous. It’s hard to create, but it’s easy to spot when it’s not. Always follow the follow and make your audience understand that.

Pay attention

Tell your audience how your show can change their life, or better yet, how it can change the world and before you know it, you have everyone’s attention.

Humans are emotional beings, and when a certain feeling is evoked, we create a psychological connection to the memories and the source, in this case – you and your appearance.

Say you are giving a presentation on ‘Business Ethics’, you associate the theme of the show with high moral values. It evokes emotions in the audience because as human beings we like and appreciate virtuous actions.


Now that you are aware of some tactics to make your presentation design appealing, you can also make presentations like professional PowerPoint designers do. Do not forget to come up with new ideas and innovative designs as you don’t want to bore your audience.

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