How to Make Crispy and Delicious Pizza on the Grill

How to Make Crispy and Delicious Pizza on the Grill

Make your own delicious pizza on the grill – it’s super easy, and the preparation time is minimal. You can make pizza on both gas and ball grills, where all you need is a pizza stone. Read more about the possibilities here.

You can easily make your own pizza on the grill. Once you have made the dough, the preparation time is relatively short and then they taste great. You can achieve a much higher temperature with the grill than you can with a traditional oven, and in this way make your pizzas taste almost like they would have served them in Italy from a really traditional stone oven. You have the option of using both a ball grill or a gas grill to make Pizza.

It can be difficult to write about which grill – and method is considered to be the best, as there are many divided opinions about this. It’s a matter of taste, which is also true when it comes to temperature,pizzasten and recipes. We can only recommend you to try until you find the result that best suits you, your needs and taste buds.

Pizza on the grill with XL-BYG

Here you will find a short guide on how to make pizza on a gas grill and ball grill. At the same time, you get a delicious recipe so you can get started making pizza for the whole family right away.

Pizza on the gas grill with XL-BYG

If you want to bake your pizza on a gas grill, you have the advantage that you can quickly create a high temperature in the grill (also higher than what a traditional oven can handle), which makes it easy to bake pizza on a gas grill. At the same time, it can also be easier to regulate the heat, as many gas grills have a built-in thermometer. Start by lighting up the entire grill and insert the pizza stone 10 – 15 min before the pizza comes on. When the pizza stone has been heated and the desired temperature has been reached, the burner located under the pizza stone is switched off, as there can be a risk of the pizza burning on high heat. If this option is not there, you can advantageously lift the pizza stone with two bricks or other utensils that can withstand very high heat.

Pizza in the ball grill

If you want to bake pizza in a ball grill, you can not control the temperature precisely in the same way as with pizza on a gas grill. However, it is still important to make sure that the temperature rises high, as otherwise you lose the effect of baking pizza on a gas grill. When using charcoal, a higher heat can be obtained than when using briquettes. This creates a circular heat, and then you avoid the pizza being burned at the bottom. You can advantageously lift the grate and stones if you choose to place the charcoal evenly around the entire grill. You must pay attention to opening the damper well in the grill so that heat is produced well in the grill, as a good supply of oxygen helps to create high temperatures.

Grill temperature

When it comes to temperature, there are divided opinions about what the perfect grill temperature is when it comes to making pizza on gas grills and charcoal grills. It is recommended to grill pizzas with temperatures from 200 degrees and up to 350 degrees, which typically depends on the type of grill, the recipe and the accessories.

Heating the pizza stone

For both pizza on a gas grill and ball grill, it is recommended that the stone is heated in the grill 10-15 minutes before the pizza is to be baked (depending on the individual pizza stone). Here again, there can be a big difference in the stone you bake on, as it also “collects” heat, with which someone therefore prefers to grill the pizza at a lower temperature.

Depending on the pizza stone and temperature, baking paper can be used between the pizza stone and the pizza to facilitate the process. This makes it easier for the pizza to escape from the stone and at the same time you avoid the cleaning. At very high heat, however, you may find that the baking paper is burned, and you can therefore instead of the baking paper put a little extra flour in between the stone and pizza. In addition, there is also talk that the baking paper prevents the pizza stone from collecting moisture from the dough, which helps to make the pizza deliciously crispy.

Choose the right pizza stone

Pizza stonesis as I said the only tool you need to make pizza on gas grill and ball grill. You can get the pizza stone in many different materials, and in both round and rectangular sizes. Since the pizza stone comes in everything from real stone types, to other natural material reminiscent of bricks and clay, to aluminum plates, there can therefore also be a big difference in the effect the pizza stone has and what heat the stone can be exposed to. Some stones “collect” the heat, while an aluminum plate does not achieve the same effect. In addition to pizza, the pizza stone can also be used to bake bread, flutes and other baked goods.

Cleaning the pizza stone

The pizza stone is cleaned with warm water without detergent. Larger residues can be removed with a sponge or brush. REMEMBER that the pizza stone must be completely dry before it is heated, as otherwise, it may crack.

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