How to Get Rid of Depression during the Pandemic

How to Get Rid of Depression during the Pandemic?

COVID19 has made us all locked away from the world, and locked within our heads. With work-from-home, our daily schedule has given us a lot of time for overthinking. As a result, we are at a higher risk of depression, as negative thoughts can brew up old memories.

As much as we fear the pandemic, it is also important to grow our mental health. Staying depressed can lead to suicidal thoughts and deteriorate our health condition. This article explores how work stress depression can be waived off during pandemics. Mental health is very important for long-term sustenance.

With this article, we shall explore the best ways to maintain sound mental health.

4 Ways to keep yourself happy during COVID 19 outbreak:

1. Develop a hobby

Having a constructive hobby is very essential during the pandemic. As it is important to see the progress in life during a negative situation like a pandemic, it is important to develop a constructive hobby. We suggest taking up gardening or painting as a hobby. The reason is these two hobbies have shown a positive response through hormonal changes within the body, that have the potential to developmental growth in a positive direction. As there is a consistent requirement of seeing the growth and positive change, gardening and painting are the best hobbies during the pandemic.

2. Shut off the social media

It is unfortunate that social media has occupied a major portion of our lives, at every age group. With an addition of 321 million new users compared to last year, social media users have shown an increase of 9 percent over time. Till 2023, the projected user count is going to hit 3.43 billion, which is huge growth. But, with so many users in social media, there is a lack of filter on the content being shared on social media. With more than 65% of the users showing affirmative to their exposure to fake news during 2017 General Elections in the US, trends indicate an increase of such news during major events. Thus, staying away from social media during this pandemic can boost your mental health.

3. Stop seeing COVID19 numbers

There are multiple websites online which are reporting cases, deaths, and recoveries during the pandemic. Though it is created to spread awareness, yet if it is taking a toll on your mental health, say no to it! It is important to keep your anxiety in check during COVID19, and if it means not keeping updated with COVID19 news, so be it!

4. Stay healthy

The impact of green and fresh vegetables in your diet cannot be undermined. As consuming the green veggies helps in the growth of serotonin. The results in better digestion, which in-turn reduces the level of anxiety. Consumption of a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and nuts is highly brain-protective, which improves mental health. Avoid foods that causes bad stomach and headaches. A bad stomach affects the mental health too. Having a healthy massage using the CBD oil can reduce the migraine or headaches. You can read article on how to use CBD oil at to know the better ways of using the CBD oil efficiently.

Final Words

Mental health is a driving factor and topic of discussion in 2020. Having proper mental health improves productivity and effectiveness in work. It also enhances positive relations in your life. Thus, it is important to lay as much stress on mental health as we lay on physical health.

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