How to get perfect nails

How to get perfect nails?

We all strive for healthy, perfectly groomed nails, regardless of the matter whether you’re the sort of person who obsessively paints your nails as a form of self-care or someone who continuously picks and bites at your cuticles. Your hand appearance is immediately polished and your hands may even appear younger when your nails are in good condition. To get perfect and healthy nails, one must visit  Glambook app.  

Do you desire strong, aesthetically pleasing nails? Your nails need a makeover if you’re sick of them being short or damaged. First and foremost, take care of your nails properly. Then, add some glitz by growing them out and getting a manicure. Some of the best tips are discussed below:

Best tips to make your nails healthy

No one wants their nails crack, chip, split, peel, or simply weak, to avoid these thing start practicing following tips.

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly

Make sure your hands are fully clean after washing them by removing all polish remnants using an acetone-free remover that won’t dry out your nails. Instead of using harsh, drying chemicals gently scrape the area around the nails with a clean toothbrush and soap to remove any debris and any dead skin.

  • Take care of your nails.

Treat your nails gently; they are sensitive. Avoid using metal instruments around nails because excessive digging can lead to onycholysis, a disease that is frequent in adults over 50 when the nail plate separates from the skin.

  • Give nail health the upper hand over length.

Long nails are classy, but if you’ve had trouble with hangnails or breaking, keep them short, at least while you wait for them to get stronger. You won’t have to subject your nails to additional wear and tear because a shorter style with rounded edges looks elegant and is often simpler to maintain.

  • Remember to care for your nail instruments as well.

Routinely cleaning your cosmetic brushes is equally as vital as regularly disinfecting your nail instruments. Metal instruments should be cleaned with soap and water before being disinfected with rubbing alcohol to prevent nail infections.

  • Examine the polish’s labeling.

Just as with cosmetics and skincare, not all nail polish brands are made equal, so be sure you’re buying or utilizing a reputable product. Avoid using polishes that include harmful substances like formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate since these toxins can cause brittleness, breaking, and cracking.

  • Give rest to your nails.

Keep away your complicated manicure designs and those much pigmented, aggressive colors for the weekend, and give your nails a break with a clear gloss the remainder of the week. Going straight from one intense paint shade to another without a break can cause your nails to dry out, become yellow, and eventually lose some of their structural integrity.


It’s crucial to see a dermatologist if you have concerns about the condition of your nails. As a result of how visible your nails are, it is simpler to detect problems.

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