How to Decide on the Right Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner

How to Decide on the Right Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner

Seeking a reliable AWS partner is imperative for businesses to handle their cloud infrastructure effectively. However, currently, there are more than a thousand expert consulting partners available.

In such a case, it can become quite challenging for an organization to determine the best one for their business. It’s essential to develop compatibility with what your business is and its objectives and goals.

Only after that should you commence seeking a suitable AWS technology partner for your organization. A reliable AWS consulting partner facilitates reduction in the overall cost of ownership, quality, fast computing, provides a high degree of scalability, and minimizes security risks. 

Find out the Type of AWS Partner That’s Suitable for You

AWS consulting partners serve as an MSP. They meet the strict requirements laid by Amazon Web Services to fulfill their objectives and give expert consultation on them.

If you wish to pick a suitable consulting partner, keep in mind that there are two kinds of them, namely consulting partners and technology partners. With the increase in innovation in the sphere of cloud infrastructure, it’s necessary to choose the right partner to fulfill your unique business needs.

Technology partners

Over 700 businesses come into this group. They also provide management products along with Amazon APIs. Some of them are commercial software and internet service providers of cloud solutions.

This group is further divided into advanced, registered, and standard partnership levels. If you want to select vendors, you can go to the AWS partner page and pick one based on guidelines like geographical location. Always select those who are nearer to your area according to your needs and requirements.

Consulting partners

AWS consulting partners are expert service firms that possess rich practical experience. They impart help to your customized project in the conventional outsourcing model.

They are categorized into premier, advanced, standard, and registered according to their knowledge and experience. Companies operate with consulting partners to develop innovative solutions and outline their projects.

The consulting partners comprise traditional integrators who possess a comprehensive understanding of the AWS framework. 

Guidelines to Select an Ideal Consulting Partner 

After deciding the kind of partner you want, you should categorize the best one among them. Focus on these guidelines.


The most critical point to consider while exploring the various partners in the knowledge of the cloud they possess. Look for an AWS consulting partner that has rich experience with the cloud.

Such a consulting partner provides a web service that offers resizable and secure compute capacity in the cloud. Apart from that, request the partner to showcase their experience of the client in the AWS cloud.

Ask questions on automation and scalability to understand the extent of experience they have in providing their own service in the cloud.


The consulting partner you choose should have deep expertise in the AWS language. They should be well-acquainted with the latest practices, like DevOps, automation, and continuous integration. 

Ask the right questions to yourself

Some questions that will help you in deciding the right consulting partner for your company are given below.

  • What are your critical preferences?
  • Are you prepared to make a move to this new technology?
  • What is the nature of your business and its demands?
  • What level of agility do you need?
  • Do you plan on outsourcing resources or not?
  • What are your internal AWS resources?

Now you won’t find it overwhelming to work with a suitable consulting partner. It’s always important to consider your specific needs if you want to prevent yourself from getting stuck in the search process. Pay attention to your priorities and the experience your prospective partner has in cloud platforms.

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