How to Create Your Functional Home Office In 5 Simple Steps

How to Create Your Functional Home Office In 5 Simple Steps

There has been an increase in the number of people working from home in the recent past due to the pandemic which forced us to minimize contact so that people can stay safe. Others just choose to work from home for convenience and to save on office space costs. For most people, is not something that they had planned so you end up working anywhere in the house, in bed, on the sofa, on the dining table.In the beginning, it’s fun and feels convenient to work in your pajamas under your duvet cover feeling snag or on the couch with a warm blanket. All this eventually is not very sustainable because you work for long hours, and the postures you are working on can get very uncomfortable and even start to affect your health and your productivity as well. So you need to create a functional home office and you don’t know where to begin. Here are a few steps to help come up with a good functional home office.

Find a Space

If you do not already have a designated home office you need to make space for one. You can choose one bedroom that is not in use and make it into your home office. if you don’t have that kind of space you can always repurpose some space in the house, your bedroom, a closet, or even on top of the stairway whatever space you have in the room you can turn it into your little office.It’s advisable to choose a space with a view of the outside so that you feel connected to the outside, working from home can be very lonely sometimes.


If you don’t already have a table for your office you need to have one. This new piece of furniture is a must for a home office. You can get one home office from a much cheaper yard sale and revamp it to your liking. You also get a more convenient one with wheels that you can move around in the house. You can also decide to repurpose a coffee table and sit on the floor preferably with your back against the wall for better posture. Just get a good comfortable pillow to support your back.

You can also choose a standing desk if your work dictates you to, if you do choose a standing desk get a good rug for under your feet to feel comfortable while you are working. For a sit, get a good comfortable office chair preferable orthopedic to keep your back comfortable. If this is not within your budget you can always get a keekea plastic chair wholesale which is much cheaper especially when you get them at wholesale price. They are functional and are well designed for your office needs. When getting your furniture you can get a supplier in china to help import your furniture at a good price to save cost and get good quality furniture.


Lighting is very important for a working area. When choosing a place for your home office to choose a room with a huge window that allows as much natural light as possible. If it’s impossible to find a space with natural light, you can always get temporary LED lights for your space. Look for a good LED light supply and install them nicely in the office to give you sufficient light for your zoom meetings and work in general and to keep your eyes comfortable.

Get enough eclectic supply

You will need a lot of power supply sources for all your gadgets. You will need several sockets for your laptop, charging your phone, your desktop lamp and other things so you need to get enough sources for everything. Ensure the space you pick for the office space has a strong internet connection for effective workflow. If the internet is not strong enough you can always get a booster to increase speed. Nobody wants a slow internet when you are working.


You will need specific storage spaces for your work stuff. If you don’t already have storage space you can install floating shelves for your storage. Get box files to neatly organize your documents. Use tins and old cups to organize your stationery to avoid clutter on your working table.Use hooks to hang things like schedules and cable to keep them visible and organized.


If you are going to be spending a lot of time there, you can try to decorate your office to make it aesthetically pleasing to you. use potted green plants to decorate the office space. choose nice neutral colors for your walls to keep calm..treat your office space as an actual office.

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