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How to choose the right online law firm to get your private limited company registered?

Getting your business registered is a crucial step in establishing it as a reliable brand. In India, a private limited company is considered to be the most reliable. However, private limited company registration involves a number of complex legal procedures. For someone who is unaccustomed to these mechanisms, the process would be daunting indeed. This is why it is important to hire the services of a lawyer. Then again, finding a good lawyer for your purpose might prove to be a difficult task unless you know one already. This is where an establishedlaw firm can help you out.

Law firms would offer you a large number of lawyers to choose from. In modern days, while everything is becoming digitalised, online law firms have also emerged. This has eased the process to a large extent. All you have to do is visit the web portal, browse through the profiles of multiple lawyers and choose one. However, you must choose the right firm for your trademark registration to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

Salient features you should look out for:

  • A number of options: First and foremost, the firm must have a large number of lawyers on offer. That way, you can compare more options before making a decision. Moreover, a law firm offering a greater number of lawyers is likely to be a well-established and reliable one.
  • Detailed profiles: The web portal must display detailed profiles of the lawyers and not just generic information. The profile of a lawyer should also include information regarding his/her experience. That way, you would know who is more experienced.
  • Free introductory meeting: You might want to go for a free introductory appointment first to get acquainted with a lawyer and check if he/she would be a good fit for your purpose. Moreover, a firm that is confident enough to provide such free appointments would be one that hires competent lawyers. Moreover, when free introductory meets are available, a client would pay for the services only if he/she is satisfied.
  • Client base: For your private ltd company registration, it is better to choose a firm with a large client base. A firm would gain a large number of clients only when it earns itself a good reputation.
  • Partnerships: You should also check the firm’s partnerships with prominent brands. The big names in various industries, especially in the corporate world require legal assistance quite often for business deals and other purposes. Hence, they try to tie up with such reliable law firms. A leading company in an industry wouldn’t start a partnership with an unreliable law firm.

Although the legal processes are quite complicated, you can easily get your trademark registration done by opting for the services of a lawyer from a reputed law firm. The modern firms also offer features such as online booking and appointments over phone. You should start checking your options online and go for a law firm which suits your needs. Now, you know what to look out for while registering your company.

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